Hungary Investor Residency Bond Program- the best among European residency programmes

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Centrally located in the Schengen Zone in Europe, Hungary is grouped among few most visited European countries in the world. A diversified rich cultural scene, excellent healthcare facilities and an easy connectivity with the rest of Europe have made it a convincing choice for businessmen and investors as well. Soon after the approval of a new law in 2016, the Hungarian programme positively transformed. Major changes include contracting a several step procedure into one step application process that also offers permanent residency permit to all family members of the main applicant. Whether you have dependent parents or children the programs offer complete coverage for them. You and whole family will receive permanent placement within 2 months. This shortest time span has made Hungary residency plan the fastest track to gain the second nationality across the world. You don’t even need to show a Hungarian address as proof of nationality.

Irrespective of their native nationality, foreigners who are seeking for permanent resident status in European countries can avail these rights in no time via Hungary investor residency bond programme.  Here I am sharing few characteristics and benefits making this the best bet among all other EU- citizenship plans.

Programme characteristics

  • Payments you made are for a lifetime and provide you a permanent residency card.
  • Requirements are extremely simple. All you need is to possess a valid passport of your country and required money to invest either privately or in a company to become a major shareholder. After that, you need to pass a basic supervision test designed by the state authority the Hungarian Institute of National Security.
  • No matter how attractive offer you find, you can’t ignore the process duration. Here you can enjoy the fastest residence permits processing within 2 months.
  • As soon as you receive your documents, you can bring anyone from dependent family members like a spouse, minor age children and parents without paying an additional cost. They will be issued permanent nationality on your behalf.
  • The Hungarian programme has managed to be known as the only low-cost residency plan. The total cost is € 360,000, of which euro 300,000 will be refunded after 5 years. Government charges only € 60,000 as costs and fee.
  • This permit allows not only the native rights but also give the freedom of visa-free travel across the Europe. If you have decided to live there, you shouldn’t worry about the safety issues. Hungary is an extremely safe and tidy city for families.
  • All those who are seeking to extend their investments in the country can proceed confidently. The territory is financially strong and it issues its own currency. This makes this land a great choice for businessmen willing to spread their setups in Europe.

Few major benefits of this residency

  • Hungary allows budding investors to start their investments with small capitals.
  • Permanent residency is offered even if you don’t purchase a real estate.
  • Passport holders can enjoy seamless travel within Schengen countries in Europe.
  • You and your family members are eligible to avail all lifestyle facilities, healthcare and education facilities in the terrain and whole Schengen area.

Summary: This clearly shows Hungary investor residency bond programme is one of the most beneficial and fast paced citizenship for everyone looking for easy accommodation right in European countries, especially for those who have minimum funds.

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