Make Your Online Survey More Noticeable

Make Your Online Survey More Noticeable

Getting good feedback isn’t merely as simple as getting a survey tool for your WordPress website. The design, color, and process of the survey all play a factor in attracting people’s eye to it. When you get them to look at it, you must then have the right content on it to engage them to answer it. Here are some tips to make your target audience notice your survey.

Match the Context

Colors and design are important for setting the mood and emotions that will get your potential respondents in the right mindset to answer a survey. It’s all about matching the topic and branding of your website/company. A plainer color scheme for a survey is more suitable when serious topics are being addressed while goofier colors could be good for a survey given to children. online survey ice cream cones neon

Make it Easily Consumable

It is important that the initial content of a survey is what stands out the when it is viewed for the first time. This is especially true because the common first reaction to survey is to skim through it. To make sure your survey breaks through this, you have to make the design attractive enough to draw in the eye but subtle enough to allow the words to stand out.

Make the first question or statement of the survey as short as possible so that you can make the font big and readable. Use sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica, Arial, or Verdana; these have been proven to be more readable than others.

If the text must be long then, use serif fonts such as Georgia or Garamond.

Finally, the background must be in a contrasting color from the text so that the words pop out.

Attract with Current Results

Generally, a shorter survey is better but in the case that your survey must be long then it is important to be transparent with your respondents. In fact, your method of transparency can also attract eyes and the mind.

By placing a progress bar at the beginning of a long survey, you show the results of the answers of past respondents. When people see the effects of taking your survey, they will be encouraged to take it because they know that their answer will lead to a certain change or improvement.

With the survey proper, you must also tell the respondents right away how long the survey will take to manage their expectations well. This will increase the chances of people completing your survey once they have started it.

Also, break up the survey into several pages so that the big amount of question will not overwhelm people. Doing this will avoid the problem of people ditching a survey in the middle of answering it.

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Add Incentives

The reality is that taking a survey is time consuming and many people wouldn’t want to take a survey that isn’t directly beneficial to them. To address this problem with your survey, you can add incentives for completing it. Of course, make this incentive a satisfying solution for the problems of your target audience and ideal buyer. A good example of this is offering a 10% discount voucher to your products and services and offer it to people that frequently avail of your offers.

Key Takeaway

Getting your visitors to answer your survey is a psychological battle. You have to be able to appeal to their senses, wants, and convenience to make answering a survey worth their while. Follow these tips to make sure that answering your survey is something that they would want to do.

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