3 Useful Secret Codes for Your iPhone

Secret codes for your iphone

The iPhone is one the most sophisticated mobile devices available today. But owners of it may not be using it to its fullest potential. In order to unlock the iPhone’s hidden features, some secret codes need to be used. Here are 3 examples:

Secret Codes exact amount of signal

The Exact Amount of Signal

On the iPhone, the little balls on the top left corner of the screen indicate how much signal it has. However, these aren’t very precise. In order to get a more precise reading, there is a way to convert the balls into a numeric value. This will provide users a better way to gauge a location’s reception rather than experimenting by roaming around.

To do this conversion, users need to use this code:


This must be entered and sent via keypad as if the user would do when making a call. Doing this will bring out the iPhone’s Field Test screen which is a set of prompts that is meant to be used by developers. While here, the power button must be held down to bring out the “slide to power off” screen. Then here, the home button must be held down. Doing this will make the home screen appear again but this time with numbers to display the quality of the signal instead of balls.

For those that will do this, they must take note of the meaning of the numeric values. A value of -50 is good and HD movies can be streamed with ease. A -120 value is very bad.

Secret Codes imei number

IMEI Number

For those do not know, IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity which is a unique number given to every mobile phone. This is usually asked from an owner when they try to change their network or when reporting a phone stolen or lost.

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This usually can be found behind the battery of a phone. However, in an iPhone, the battery cannot be removed which means that it cannot be seen this way. Instead of scouring the phone’s setting for the number, users can simply use this code:


For this code, it must simply be entered on the dialer/keypad and the IMEI number will pop out; there will be no need to hit send.

Secret Codes hide your name

Hide Your Number

This is for those that wish for their number to be hidden in the caller ID of the people they call. Such a feature is useful for when one is required to call a stranger – such as when buying something from someone online or booking an AirBnB.

To do this enter this code in the dialer:


This will hide one’s phone number to anyone that receives his calls. But if someone doesn’t want this for all his contacts, he may go for the more selective approach and enter the code before entering the number of the person that he wants to hide his number from.

Key Takeaway

The features above are just a taste of what one can do with an iPhone just by knowing a few secret codes. With such knowledge, privacy and convenience can be taken to a whole new level.

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