Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals

Vacuum Cleaner Black Friday Deals

Low prices are the highlight of Black Friday and if you are looking for a good price on a vacuum cleaner, that is one of the best times to shop. However it is very easy to get taken up by low prices that you even end up with a vacuum cleaner that should not even be given away free.

Before you stampede to the different online stores, it is best to have a list ready and to know which are the best ones for your needs. I have compiled a list of a few of the best brands of vacuum cleaners that you should look out for if you would be interested in buying one.


Dyson vacuum cleaners are my favourite when it comes to cordless vacuums that can still deliver the required suction power and battery life. The Dyson V6 is one of the most hyped models and if you can get a good deal on this vacuum, do go for it if you want something cordless and light weight. There are corded Dysons as well and they are also light weight, they have powerful suction and are able to get to hard to reach areas because of the tools they come with. You can check out a few Black Friday deals on Dysons here.


If you are the lazy type and you would prefer not to have to do frequent vacuuming, then you should consider getting a Roomba, right now they are the kings of robot vacuums. There are many models and in my opinion they are all great but many people point out that they are pricey. Well since it is black Friday, maybe we can look forward to significant discounts. You can check out a few deals on Roombas here.

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If you feel that the Roomba vacuums are not quite your thing, there are other robot vacuums you can choose like the Shark, bObi pet vacuum- for people with pets, ILIFE and ECOVACS DEEBOT.


Shark is a trusted brand, but I personally like the Navigator with its easy to manoeuvre handle and the lift away technology which allows you to transform it into a hand held canister vacuum. It works well on carpets as well as hard floor and has powerful suction. There are a number of other shark models including the robot shark vacuum and the portable ones. You can find highly recommended Shark vacuums here.


You cannot have a complete list without including the good old reliable Hoover. For most people Hoover refers to any big vacuum. Well Hoover is a brand on its own and it is highly respected. You can get a heavy duty Hoover or a 2 in 1 model with powerful suction. I would recommend the big one for people with thick carpets or with large homes. You can see the different models that are likely to be on discount and make a choice here.


Here is a brand you should not ignore. They are known for making really good vacuums and they do not price them too high so you are likely to find a reliable vacuum at a good price on Black Friday offers. They have one that is intended for thick carpets and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a powerful but affordable vacuum for their carpet.

Some vacuum cleaners also come with blowers and that comes in handy if you have leaves in the driveway. If your choice does not have a blower, you can purchase a blower separately as is a handy tool to have as well.

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