8 Facts About Managed Service Provider Teams

8 Facts About Managed Service Provider Teams

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What exactly is a managed service provider team? These are groups of IT professionals that can make your business more successful. There are plenty of companies out there that can’t afford to have their own, in-person IT team. It’s much more affordable for them to hire a company like IT services Hartford, which takes care of their business technology for them. Here are eight things that you need to know about these companies.

1) They Offer Different Service Tiers

Most of these managed service providers have service tiers. This means that they’ll cover some things, but not others, depending on which tier you choose. How does this help you? Well, if you’re on a strict budget, you’ll be able to find a tier to fit.

2) Many Have a 98% Live Call Answer Rate

If something should go wrong and you need to seek answers, these companies have live people answering the phone. You won’t have to talk to a machine or deal with a computer when you’re actively trying to fix your computer.

3) You’ll Receive On-Site Service

Not everything can be repaired over the phone. There are times when you’ll need to have work done in person. If this is the case, a good service provider will send out an employee or a team of them to handle things.

8 Facts About Managed Service Provider Teams hard disk

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4) Their Remote Resolution Rates Are High

The best companies are able to resolve a number of issues over the phone, remotely. They won’t have to be there in person. (But it’s good to know that they could be, if necessary.) If you’re looking for a number, this type of resolution rate tends to be around 97% or so.

5) You’ll Receive 24/7 Support

Not only do you get plenty of support during the work day, but if you run into an issue after normal operating hours, you’ll be able to get someone on the phone. This is great, especially if you have an important presentation or report to finish and have a glitch-filled computer.

6) Customer Satisfaction Is Their Goal

Customer satisfaction is what a managed service provider, such as IT services Hartford, thrives on. They want their clients to be happy, and this starts with their service. The more issues they can solve (not to mention prevent), the better off everyone is – and the more smoothly your work will go.

7) They’ll Monitor Your Metrics

Metrics monitoring includes everything from viruses stopped to the amount of hours that people work per day. This monitoring is done in a number of different ways, including through remote programs that the company can view in their home offices. The more information you have, the better.

8) Hardware and Software Are Included

An IT service provider covers more than just software. They also tackle hardware issues, such as those that pop up with your printers and routers. If the problem involves computers and it falls into your tiered plan, the service provider will take care of it.

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