Interesting facts that you did not know about Azerbaijan

Interesting facts that you did not know about Azerbaijan

If you are planning for a trip to Azerbaijan and have researched all things that would make your journey to the place successful then here are some interesting facts to surprise you. Get ready to have the best time of your life at Azerbaijan

There is no doubt that destinations like Azerbaijan are something that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. However, since there is so much hype about other locations, people don’t really pay attention to what good things they are missing out. Talking of which Azerbaijan is one of them. Well, if we focus on the Azerbaijan best of the time that you need to visit, needless to say winter and spring is the right one. Besides, if you visit the place at crowning glory for the fist time, here are some of the fun facts that would amaze you.

The competition among the girls:

Make sure when you plan to book for the Baku Hotels 3 Star or 4 star, you book it in the area close to the place where such competition is being held. The reason is it is into just any random competition but has got lot many things for you to surprise. For a fact the competition is amongst the girls for the stockings as in who wears the best one. The girls who has crochet theist stockings quality shall be declared the winner. This is something you may not really get to see everywhere and that is the main reason, you need to at least attend it once

The Fire Land:

This is another name given to Azerbaijan because of its unique characteristics. This place is said to be the first construction and fireplace that we must have ever come across in the history of human life. It was discovered by the Azikh Cave which is said to be the largest one in Azerbaijan

Sheki Khan: the Wolf Man:

It is ideally a palace that you must visit when you are here. When visiting this palace, you would come across the name of a man called Cumay whom you will find sitting next to the object which is not disclosed and is always covered by a curtain,  As you will come close, the man would remove the cloth to reveal the world head and of you donate something, the eyes of the would light up.

Tea Lovers:

Here coffee could be the problem since tea is one of the popular drink which is followed in Azerbaijan. It is considered to be the traditional drink which is usually served in glass of pear shaped. The drink is offered with the lumps of jamor sugar that is expected to be held in mouth.

No doubt that Azerbaijan Holiday Destination is one such location that can give variety of options in terms of party, food and even tradition and culture to explore. With the blend of Europe and Asia’s best of the traditions that are being followed here, this tiny country is a must visit place. So next time when there comes a quiz for you to talk about Azerbaijan, make sure you discover all these things.

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