Generator Transfer Switch Can Be Bought Online

Generator Transfer Switch Can Be Bought Online   


The generator transfer switch is offered online and can be bought for generators that do not come with it. These days you can modify the functionality of the unit at a small cost. The manufacturers keep the market trend and the buying power of the general users in mind while designing new products. If you are not able to afford a unit with an automatic transfer switch you can always buy it later when the budget allows.

Generators help us run our day as usual when grid power fails. The electricity-producing device is an essential necessity in areas that are hit by storms. When there is a blackout there is nothing you can do but sit in one place and wait for the power to be restored. Homes that are equipped with a generator are able to keep the security alarm on, the lights running, the food fresh, and are able to run the air conditioning or heating as well. Storms can be very devastating and can have a lot of wind pressure that brings down trees and pulls off roofs. As for the pressure, the recent Hurricane Michael was a very powerful Atlantic hurricane that made landfall in the United States. As per intensity, it was only behind the 1935 Labor Day hurricane and Hurricane Camille of 1969. In terms of wind speeds, it was the fourth-strongest landfalling hurricane. Since Andrew of 1992, Hurricane Michael was also the strongest in terms of maximum sustained wind speed.

The hurricane started off from a low-pressure area that shaped in the southwestern Caribbean Sea on October 2. By October 7, it was regarded as a tropical depression after 5 days of slow growth. Within a day, Michael strengthened to a hurricane near the western tip of Cuba while moving northward.  It peaked in the Gulf of Mexico, as a Category 4 storm and made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, on October 10, with winds of 155 mph.

As the storm moved inland, it lost strength and moved towards the Chesapeake Bay. It weakened to a tropical storm over Georgia. Michael claimed approximately 48 lives, 15 in Central America and 33 in the United States. It caused $6 billion in insurance losses and left thousands of people homeless.

The strong winds brought power lines down in Cuba and leftover 200,000 people without power. In the Florida panhandle, Mexico Beach and Panama City suffered the most. The storm caused widespread power outages in the Southeastern United States. The storm surge left people trapped indoors. Those who had generators stayed in their homes comfortably.

Most generators come with a transfer switch these days which allows you to switch the power sources in an automatic way. Those who had such units did not have to worry about the grid power failure. The electric power to their air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators got restored within seconds. For businesses that occupy a campus setting and have more than one generator to service numerous buildings, automatic transfer switches are most convenient. The transfer switch lets you switch between solar power, grid power, and generator power. The wiring has to be done by a professional electrician who knows your electric panel well.

An emergency generator will protect your business. Some establishments such as hospital require standby power equipment at all times. They have to diagnose patients and perform surgeries even if there is no grid power available. For all critical services including data centers, a generator is an important device. Generators benefit retail outlets, fitness clubs, service centers, and many other operations where daily sales depend on a powered environment.

Before buying a unit, it is advisable to seek advice from a generator dealer to establish which kind of switch arrangement is right for your business. Power can go out at any time and when you equip your workplace with generator power, you can do more than just keep the lights on. You can carry out business as usual while the rivals may have to stay closed.

The absence of electricity causes many inconveniences and buying a generator can be rewarding due to its many benefits especially during emergencies. This sort of alternative power source is called a standby generator as it is only used during time frames when the utility power fails.  These standby ones are connected to the power system and with the help of an automatic transfer switch start automatically soon as the main power system goes down.

 Comparatively the backup generators are not usually hooked up to the main system and can be used alongside the grid power. It can be used as a portable power outlet or an emergency power source as well. This line of generators is designed to produce electricity when required and it can also produce energy based on the usage type.

Portable units, on the other hand, offer a host of benefits. The new inverter types run in a super quite manner and produce clean and crisp electric power that is ideal for electronics with a microprocessor. These can be used at home, at the office or the shop and also in the RV or the boat.

Generator transfer switch can keep you warm in winters when the grid power fails. In some regions the cold is unbearable. Get a Yamaha generator and add a transfer switch to it. It will power up the furnace and keep the family warm. This way, there will be no need to step outside to go to a hotel room to stay for the night.

Getting the right generator transfer switch is important. The generator dealers online can help you choose the right switch. It is good to compare prices before you part with your money. The well-established dealers are more honest as compared to the new kids on the block. Most transfer switches come with a warranty and if you have any problems with the same you can always get a refund or an exchange.

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