9 Tips for Creating a Killer App Design That Users Will Love

9 Tips for Creating a Killer App Design That Users Will Love

Everyone has a great app idea, so how can you be sure yours will succeed?

The app market has boomed in the past decade. Many people have made millions off of their clever creations. But many, many more have crashed and burned in this super-saturated market.

The key difference between a successful app and a dud is design. This is how users interact with your app. If they don’t like the design, they won’t like your app.

Don’t become another Silicon Valley loser. It’s simple to implement easy to use design techniques into your app. You just have to be willing to take some advice.

Creating an app that users will love starts with having a killer app design. Here are nine tips for creating one people will love to use!

1. Optimize for the Small Screen

With so many apps out there you want to make sure you don’t make a design faux pas that will quickly turn users off. That’s why you need to design your app with the mobile screen in mind.

It can sometimes be difficult for users to interact with their small screen. Your app should not have a lot of forms to fill out. People will be annoyed to have to fill in a bunch of info with their phone’s tiny keyboard.

Using smart features like autocomplete or multiple choice will make people more eager to use your app.

2. Follow the Rules

To sell your app you need to be approved by the big online stores. Places like the Apple App Store and Google Play expect developers to follow specific criteria. This is where user interface design or UI comes into play.

If your app does not receive high marks for UI, the app sellers will bury it. Look into the specific parameters that app stores are looking for and follow them to a “T.”

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This is one of those rare times in the tech world where it’s actually cool to follow the rules.

3. Consistency Is Key

As with all branding and designing, you need to be consistent with your product. That means having the same fonts and typefaces throughout all aspects of your app. Everything should function seamlessly from one page to the next.

This also applies to the marketing of your app. Its thumbnail and website should be consistent with the app itself. This way you can build a recognizable brand.

4. Remove All Clutter

You clean your house before you have company to make a more welcoming environment. The same principle should be applied to your app. A cluttered interface will confuse and turn people away from your app.

Since you’re working with a small screen, any superfluous additions will add to clutter. Your app’s interface should be clean and easy to interpret. Like your home, you want people to feel comfortable hanging out on your app for a while.

5. Dumb It Down

More often than not, people are using an app to take a break. That’s why you have to be careful not to challenge users too much with your app functionality. It’s important to consider the cognitive load that’s expected to use your app.

Like a computer, human beings don’t have an unlimited amount of processing power. Since they are using your app during a break in their day, they don’t want to be challenged.

Simplifying your app’s navigation will promote more happy users to share your app with friends. To see an app with an easy to use interface, there’s more info here.

6. Don’t Re-Write the Book

Apps are integrated as an everyday part of everyone’s life. Users have come to expect a familiarity from one app to the next. That’s why you don’t want to stray too far from the established norms.

Familiar screens are a way to make new users instantly at ease with your app. Using de facto settings such as welcome screens makes your app more intuitive. If people can easily use your app they’ll want to use it more.

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7. Be Eye Catching

While familiarity is key to app functionality, inventive design is still needed to attract attention. A lot of apps do similar things. The ones that offer bright graphics and trendy aesthetics are the ones that stick out from the crowd.

Simplicity is still key to app design. But you have to strike the right line between minimalism and boredom. Sparingly give users enough exciting visuals that will keep them coming back for more.

8. First Impressions Are Paramount

With so many apps competing for user’s time, you need to grab them instantly. If a user doesn’t like your app on the first use, it’s highly unlikely they’ll return to it again. So don’t have a sign in a wall when your app first opens.

Yes, you’ll want to eventually gather your user’s information. But give people a chance to become ingratiated to your app before you ask for their e-mail address.

The first visit to your app is a test drive. Don’t scare them away by asking for a down payment!

9. Design for the Future

New mobile devices come out every year. That’s a lot of different operating systems to keep up with. That’s why your app can’t be designed with today in mind.

By the time your app is complete, there will likely already be a new model of a mobile device to adapt to. It’s up to you to read all the trades and be in the know about what’s coming around the corner.

That also means keeping up with trends so your design stays fresh and appealing.

Apply These Killer App Design Tips ASAP

You want your app to thrive in a very saturated market. That’s why you need to implement these app design tips today.

The only way to stick out of the crowd is to be head and shoulders above them! For other great tech articles like this click here.

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