Vape Culture–An Unstoppable Wave of Trends

Vape Culture--An Unstoppable Wave of Trends

The word “Vape” first appeared in the 1980s and can be used as a verb to describe the smoke and smoke when smoking vapes. It can also be used as a term for "vapes". VAPE is a kind of trend culture.

Can Vapes Quit Smoking?

In the final analysis, vapes and burning tobacco are not the same thing, even the principle of operation is different. Vapes greatly reduce the harm to the human body, and almost never adversely affect the people around them, but it is still unknown whether it can be accepted by the public in public places. As for helping to quit smoking, it is also the benevolent seeing benevolence, and the wise seeing wisdom. Therefore, it is still necessary to remind everyone that smoking cessation relies more on self-discipline and love for family.

What Is Vape On Earth?

Let me now briefly introduce to you, the vape in our player's mouth is vape. It is mainly divided into three parts: mod, atomizer, e-liquid.


The mods can be divided into two parts, APV/VV/VW mods and mechanical mods. The mod can also be imagined as a lighter in a traditional cigarette, which is an ignition device.

APV/VV/VW Mods (recommended by novice)

  1. Security. The APV/VV/VW mods has electronic chip protection to avoid over-discharging or overheating of the battery. When the battery is overheated, it is often a mechanical mod, and the APV/VV/VW Mod generally does not.
  2. APV/VV/VW Mods output will be more stable and maintain a stable taste.
  3. Convenience Because you can't smoke only one kind of e-liquid in your life. At this time, you need to adjust the voltage or wattage to change the taste to adapt to different flavors of e-liquid. APV/VV/VW Mods is great and can be adjusted at any time.

vape culture

Mechanical Mod  (recommended by old players)

The working principle of the mechanical rod is very simple, just like a flashlight. It does not carry any electronic circuit itself, without any protection function, as long as the switch current is pressed, it flows in the line.

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In the words of the previous player, it is “if you don't understand the principle, as long as you dare to press the switch, it may be randomly played in smoke and short circuit.” The mechanical lever has its own usage. If you want to play with huge smoke, then the mechanical type is a good choice. Often the shape of mechanical mods will have some allusions or gorgeous aesthetics, so that you can enjoy playing and showing off besides sucking.

Atomizer: RTA,RDA And RDTA

According to the structure, the atomizer can be divided into two types: “oil storage” and “drip oil”.

The RTA  is an atomizer with a tank.

RDA usually relies on cotton to store a small amount of e-liquid. After a few mouthfuls, it is necessary to open a position to drop thee-liquid onto the cotton, so it is called RDA.The atomizing core of the drip atomizer has a large space for making a plurality of heating wire coils and a complicated fancy coil. Moreover, when the cotton is dried, it is possible to change different e-liquids, and it is not necessary to clean the tank like an atomizer.


RDTA has a storage tank, which can get the big smoke like drip atomizer, and can get good taste. It doesn't need to open the lid drip frequently. It is very convenient to use when walking, walking, sitting and lying.


The composition of the e-liquid is divided into propylene glycol, glycerin, essence, and nicotine.


Vapes are usually classified by concentration according to the nicotine content, such as the common "6mg", "3mg" and "0mg".

The higher the number, the higher the nicotine content of the smoky unit. The “0 mg” is nicotine-free, usually “special for large smoke” or used by no smokers.


Nicotine has two main roles in tobacco oil.

  1. It is to meet the user's nicotine intake needs, to obtain a sense of satisfaction, to achieve the purpose of replacing cigarettes.
  2. Nicotine is also an important factor affecting the " sticking throat " of e-liquid.

Notice the side effects of nicotine, excessive intake can cause nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, vomiting and other symptoms.

If you feel coughing or dizziness when inhaled, it means the concentration is high and you need to lower the concentration.


Vapes have hundreds of smoky flavors that are dazzling and impossible to start with. So how do you choose?

The first thing to know is that the taste of vapes is roughly divided into two categories - “tobacco"and “fruit confections.”

The vape is a steam mist that heats the e-liquid through the atomizing core to generate the e-liquid, and the traditional "cigarette, tobacco" relies on the smoke generated by the combustion to be essentially a fundamental difference.

Fruits have a lot of e-liquid. Malaysian oil is generally more tropical and has a relatively sweet taste. Most of them are more reliable, you can choose with confidence. The taste of smoky oil is varied. Whether a smoky oil matches your taste or depends on your personal preference!

In general, VAPE has been disrupted by many small cigarette markets, and smoking cessation has been used as a gimmick to completely steal the VAPE concept. But everyone needs to know that VAPE is healthy and harmless, and it is a kind of teenager trend culture.


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