Speakers: How to build your own speakers the Right way?


Building your own custom speaker is really a tricky task without the support of experts. For them here are few guidelines to set your speaker in right way. The speakers produce the real sound through converting the electrical energy directly into the sound energy using magnet for pushing the air. 

It is required for you to build out a basic speaker, for fitting that there is a need for you to find out a copper wire, strong magnet along with packing tape. For hearing the sound well there you should make use of small plastic Tupperware and this is used for amplify the sound as like yelling into the cone this amplifies your voice. 

Next step, you have to warp out copper wire completely around magnet tightly several times for making a coil. Wrap it 6 to 7 times starting from middle. Tape out this coil in the bottom of your Tupperware that to without using the magnet. 

Make use of the bottle cap, when you don’t have that then there you can make use of any of the round objects for making another larger coil. You should leave some coil left side roughly a foot on each side of the coil.

Fix out the magnet on its top between the two coils. Make sure that it sits comfortably within both your coils and for this you don’t want to worry too much about touching every inch of wires. Then attach both copper wires to music, the most common attachments is 1/8th inch cable. Wrap one end of the wire around the top of metal input. Finally, connect with speakers for getting better sound and start enjoying.

Strategies to follow for building your high end speaker

Before fitting there is a need for you to understand about the components of your speaker parts correctly. Normally, all speakers would contain basic few components as like the drivers, crossovers and cabinets. Along with that there is a need for you to buy your speaker kit, while buying you can prefer to buy the parts separately for building your speaker perfectly

It is required for you to solder the crossover together, for fixing it there is a need for the soldering iron, hot glue and the pattern. Make sure you understand about all basic things clearly. Based on your needs you can cut, stain and assemble out your cabinets according to blueprint that you have. It is almost done now, install your drivers and crossovers, fill your rest speakers with the acoustic stuffing and change your boring time turn interesting and have lot of fun. 

Where to buy the attachments?

Now you would have got clear idea about how to build your own speakers the Right way. After knowing, it is recommended for you to buy the required fitting and things when you don’t have in your home and if in case when you order the products together there you would get an interesting discount offer along with its guide that makes your work change easier.


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