Immigration Attorneys for Employers and Employees

Immigration Attorneys Employers Employees

When it’s already tough to move from one house to another, immigration holds the most weight when it comes to moving from one place to a new one. Immigration, by definition, is a process by which foreign entities become permanent residents or citizens of another country. Despite the lengthy process, immigration has brought great ethnic and cultural influence the foreign country. This resulted in foreign individuals finding various occupational opportunities in another country. However, foreign interaction can be a little bit tricky given that cultural differences can be one of the few factors that need to be understood by both the employer and employee. One solution to this is finding a good immigration attorney who knows the dos and don’ts. Here are some immigration attorneys for employers and employees:

1.Powers Law Group

Powers Law Group is an immigration law firm concentrated on U.S. Immigration and National Law. The Houston-based immigration attorneys represent clients worldwide. The group focuses on solely U.S. Immigration Law that involves employment. Other than employment-based immigration, they also specialize in Citizenship and Naturalization, Consular Processing, and other immigration-related concerns. 

2. Howard and Howard

The attorneys in Howard & Howard are also experienced in immigration law following their practices as in-house counsel and human resources and labor relations representatives. These make them a good leader to guide the clients through employer-employee relationships. Their services range from employment applications to retirement programs. 

They also defend clients victimized by work violence or violations, sexual and racial discrimination, wage and hour violations and other labor or social injustices.

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3. Duane Morris

Another group of immigration attorney is Duane Morris that involves Employment, Labor, Benefits and Immigration attorneys. They also offer practical counseling to help clients attain their business or work goals and resolve existing or potential labor and employment conflicts. Duane Morris also takes over employee benefits ranging from executive employment arrangements to broad-based health and welfare plans. 

4. Morgan Lewis

Morgan Lewis specialized in global employment and immigration. The team counsels companies on issues that affects global workforce – this includes employment, immigration and work benefits. They offer services that aids multinational employers on how to manage global workforce that aligns with their global business objectives. 

To support company operations, Morgan Lewis counsel clients regarding U.S. visas and lawful permanent residence, give global immigration services for employees to and between countries worldwide and walk them through immigration terms and conditions. 

5. Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller & Shah, LLP

Attorneys at SFMS represents businesses, labor unions and employees that have legal interests overseas. Being an international law group, they have offices all over United States, California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and even in Asia and Europe. 

The group address a wide range of legal, tax and business solutions for companies domestically and internationally. These services involved cross-border employment issues, employee benefit plans, discrimination and harassment claims, training and policy development, and others. 

6. Litwin & Smith

Litwin & Smith represents employers in various industries around San Francisco Bay Area, United States and other companies worldwide. They take pride in helping employers obtain their non-immigrant employment visas and subsequent immigrant visas and green cards for their employees. 

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They also offer thorough discussion regarding what appropriate visa is suitable for the client’s needs. This could be either a temporary work visa, treaty traders, intracompany transfers of foreign executives or for foreign nationals involved in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Sports. 

This then concludes that immigration attorneys, regardless if you are looking for one as an employer or an employee, differs from the services you appropriately need. This is why it is suggested to hire an immigration attorney to prevent mismatch and disagreements regarding the processing and intentions of the applicant.  For more information, contact the immigration attorney in Houston today.

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