In what ways can you improve your local SEO right now?

your local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for smaller businesses that operate on a regional level. While national SEO focuses on ranking your website in searches across the country, local SEO makes your website appear on SERPs in a specific location. Local SEO strategy depends on marketing your brand, products, and services to local customers. By optimizing your local SEO with the help of the best SEO experts in Kolkata, you will get more website traffic, leads, and conversions as this strategy are more relevant to your local customers.

This focused strategy will help you to compete more effectively against popular national brands. By prioritizing specific local SEO to-do’s, you can neutralize the benefits of bigger brands that optimize for broader keywords and depend on brand recognition, instead of value propositions for gaining traffic. 

Furthermore, as per research, nearly 35% of search traffic is local and if you don’t prioritize local SEO, then your business can lose a good amount of traffic. In this blog, we will be discussing 7 ways in which you can make your local SEO campaign successful. 

1)Optimise your website for local SEO 

The first significant step is to optimize all the elements of your website for local search if you want to improve your local SEO efforts. You should incorporate details about the city and state along with the keyword in each section of your website. It is vital to arrange these words correctly. 

The main body of your web pages must include information regarding your business. Phone number, address, and name of your company should be visible on each web page within your website. Optimize every URL on your website for local search including information in your web page’s title. A top digital marketing company in Kolkata can help you in the best way for optimising your website for local SEO. 

2)Include location pages on your website 

It is important to create location pages if your company is present in more than one location. Location pages provide certain important things about your business like your company name, address, phone number, store descriptions, store working hours, promotions, transit information, reviews from happy customers, and much more. 

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It will be really helpful if you avoid creating duplicate content across multiple location pages. Categorize your business to display your business correctly. Make sure to update information everywhere else the same way you display information on these pages. Write your location information correctly. 

3)Conduct local link building 

Link building is a vital process for SEO, but in the case of local SEO, you need to target a specific geographical location and relevant local websites as a source for generating backlinks. These links will help to drive traffic to your website from local audiences. 

Focus on generating high-quality links from local websites with high domain authority, and this will help your brand develop a good reputation with Google. Every business should do these things to improve its brand presence in search engines. 

4)Create local Content 

You need to write high-quality content for improving your local SEO. The main agenda of the local SEO strategy is to maintain relevance, and evergreen content. Each piece of your content can make a major difference to your local rankings with the appropriate backlinks to your main pages. 

Each piece of your content should be locally relevant, well-researched, contain proper images and infographics, and other media for engaging audiences. Creating good quality content will have a long-term gain than a higher volume of poor quality work. Focus on writing in-depth content and don’t write content only for the sake of publication. 

5)Get your website optimized for mobile 

Many people conduct searches when they are traveling and this is the reason why 90% of searches on mobile are related to local places. So you must optimize your website for mobile devices, using responsive website designs which will make it easier for targeted audiences to identify your business through mobile search. 

Local businesses should include information about their business name, address, phone number, and product availability up-to-date on their mobile website. Many customers while searching for a local business check if the location is open and whether they have product availability for pick up or not. If they don’t get these pieces of information on your website, then they will look somewhere else. 

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6)Generate online reviews 

Customer reviews highly impact the local SEO campaign. There are many online review sites created by a community of online users where they share their experiences about a particular company in a specific locality. Positive customer reviews about your business on these sites will be good for your local SEO and will also convert your prospects into customers. 

The more positive customer reviews you will have, the more search engines will suggest your company on the first results page. Getting negative reviews will harm your local search visibility. So in case you get any negative reviews, address them and try to solve the issue with the customer. 

One thing to keep in mind is, never make any attempt to post fake reviews. Posting fake reviews is against Google’s quality guidelines and it can highly impact your local search visibility. 

7)Develop local citations 

Getting citations in local directories is vital for local SEO. Citations are references about your company that can be found on authoritative sites like Yelp, FourSquare, BBB, etc that list your website. Citation helps your business stand as a valuable resource for the community. 

Local citations play a major role in Google’s algorithm, which helps to build credibility and authority for your website and gives your company the likelihood to get contacted by potential customers who regularly visit that source website. Google provides higher-ranking signals to trust citations so ensure that they are accurate in your business directory. 


Therefore, we can say local SEO is vital for your businesses to survive locally. Reach out to a top Local SEO company in Kolkata for conducting a successful local SEO campaign that will provide your business more visibility at local searches. 

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