Checklist to organise a small-scale event

small scale business events

When choosing from a pool of venues, activities and interaction, small events are lot more flexible probably due to convenient demand of a smaller group. Planners and management corporates however do need to exercise ingenuity to keep things streamlined right from the start. If your line is exhibition management in Dubai, here’s a planning checklist to begin with and transit smoothly all the way through.

Begin with the basics

To oversee success of the best idea starts by laying a solid foundation! It’s therefore important setting up a framework of the event before looking ahead too far. Things such as itineraries, date and time must be completed before proceeding on various intricate steps.

Choosing the right venue

Finding room to accommodate a smaller group would be easier but onsite capacity will be tighter so you need striking a balance. In case the event expands from 50 to 100 participants, you might require a larger room depending on venue capacity. In general terms, it’s easier and more convenient going along for a room that can accommodate largest audience just in case number of participants mounts at the last moment.

Devise a marketing strategy

Even when hosting a “free event”, you do need presenting it in a way that appeals as many registrations as possible; however without exceeding limitations of a small-scale event. People are always eager to know how they can benefit from the occasion.

The way you market materials and target the invitations would decide whether participants would actually show up or not. Your event may excite you but it’s all about getting others excited which is possible with a well-planned marketing strategy.

Budget per participant

Perhaps, one drawback of smaller events is with the budget per person aspect as it costs more due to hotel and catering. A more complicated situation is 20 percent drop in number of participants for smaller event that would adversely raise the cost margin per person’s requisites. Keeping the fact in consideration, you may just prefer budgeting cost per person under the lowest projected figure.

Make the process more engaging

Opportunities for more organised and civilised discussions are more with small group events and exhibition management in Dubai should make the most of this particular fact especially when planning the itinerary. Chances of group sessions and breakout options are greater and better with smaller event so allow open-ended dialogue from the participant’s end. It’ll only help you organising the entire thing in a better than usual manner.

Feedback forms & query sessions

Welcoming feedback from guests and implementing what’s best for the upcoming event is an approach that guarantees long-term success. Exhibition management in Dubai may allow feedback either through online feedback forms or onsite query sessions. The package can easily fit any smaller event without breaking the bank and too much of a hassle however, do let the participants know how to respond.


Small-scale event have the potential to offer a rich and rewarding experience for everyone only if they’re planned considering the expected audience. Exhibition management in Dubai knows just how to do that, promising definite success.

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