VR virtual

Virtual Reality & PDF in Education

June 21, 2022 samanvya 0

Technological trends often influence education, and you can find a classic example in the rise in popularity of online learning. Students can now share documents online and interact with classmates and teachers. With a feature-packed PDF editor, many issues with assignments, […]

Elite Proxy Server

What is an Elite Proxy Server?

June 3, 2022 Snehal Tanwar 0

An elite proxy server is a proxy server that can bypass the filters of a firewall and access the internet in an unrestricted manner. Proxy servers are often used to hide the identity of the user from being tracked by […]

Popular IoT Devices

6 Most Popular IoT Devices for 2022

May 25, 2022 mindmingles 0

IoT refers to the umbrella of billions of physical components, connected to the internet for collecting and exchanging various types of information. Although IoT has been around us since the 90s, still its recent advancements have made it more noticeable, […]