Launch Prop Trading in a few clicks: Brokeree Solutions releases Prop Pulse solution

Brokeree Solutions, an international provider of turnkey technologies for multi-asset brokers, announces the launch of its new product, Prop Pulse. This innovative solution, tailored specifically for prop trading operations, marks a significant milestone in Brokeree’s decade-long journey of software development excellence. With over 250 brands utilizing its products, including flagship Social Trading and PAMM, Prop Pulse is poised to set a new industry standard for prop trading firms worldwide.

The Prop Pulse solution is now available for seamless integration with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

How to use Prop Pulse by Brokeree Solutions to launch proprietary trading?

Designed to empower brokerages and budding proprietary firms with a competitive and efficient account management infrastructure, Prop Pulse stands out for its turnkey functionality. This solution facilitates the creation of a customer journey, guiding traders from the initial registration phase to a scalable funded stage.

Key Features of Prop Pulse

  • Client registration and onboarding:
    Enable quick and efficient registration and onboarding of new clients, streamlining the initial phase of the trading journey.
  • Customizable trading challenges: 

Create unlimited challenges with the flexibility to configure up to 20 distinct objectives, ensuring tailored trading conditions.

  • Interactive charts and performance monitoring: 

Evaluate traders’ performance seamlessly, providing real-time insights to enhance decision-making.

  • Risk management: 

Utilize customizable risk thresholds to manage and mitigate risks effectively, with the added benefit of receiving emergency notifications for prompt action.

The core functionality of Prop Pulse revolves around the ability to create unlimited challenges for traders. Brokers can precisely define objectives and constraints for each challenge, guiding traders through a step-by-step process until the entire challenge is successfully completed. Additionally, after proficiency demonstration in the evaluation phase and acquiring a funded account, Prop Pulse could help brokers to introduce advanced conditions, including balance and profit split.

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Integrability and Customization

Developed for MetaTrader-based companies, Prop Pulse seamlessly integrates with existing trading infrastructures, including trading platforms, liquidity management solutions, connected PSPs, or CRM systems. The web-based nature of the solution ensures transparent integration with all operational components of the broker’s technological environment. The Prop Pulse Web UI offers customization options aligned with the broker’s brand book, incorporating colors and logos to enhance brand consistency across various trading environments.

“With Prop Pulse, we empower brokerages to enter the world of proprietary trading confidently, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances their capabilities, flexibility, and competitiveness. We believe that Prop Pulse will open new horizons for our clients, enabling them to explore new avenues of growth and success in the trading industry” – Andrey Kamyshanov, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Brokeree Solutions.

Other technologies by Brokeree Solutions

Brokeree Solutions has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation and excellence in the financial technology sector. Alongside Prop Pulse, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions that have become benchmarks in the industry.

  • Social Trading
    Brokeree’s flagship Social Trading platform allows brokers to launch copy trading services in a few simple actions. Dividing traders on followers and signal providers, the solution offers users the infrastructure for the limitless signal sharing across multiple trading servers.
  • PAMM
    Brokeree’s PAMM offers investors the freedom to deposit or withdraw funds at their convenience, while simultaneously attracting elite money managers through its customizable performance fees and absence of trading constraints. This product empowers brokers to integrate multiple trading servers into a unified system, enabling them to effortlessly deliver instant PAMM services across their entire MetaTrader infrastructure, enhancing the overall efficiency and flexibility of investment management.
  • Liquidity Bridge
    Brokeree’s Liquidity Bridge cater to the diverse needs of brokers, ensuring optimal liquidity access, risk management, and mark up capabilities. This comprehensive approach enables brokers to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with confidence.
  • Risk Management Tools
    Complementing Prop Pulse, Brokeree Solutions offers a suite of risk management tools designed to help brokers mitigate potential risks effectively. These tools provide information on market changes and allow for swift decision-making to protect both traders and brokers.
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Brokeree Solutions is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in providing innovative solutions for the financial markets. With a focus on empowering brokers and financial institutions, Brokeree delivers products and services that enhance trading experiences, optimize operations, and drive business growth. 

From customizable trading platforms to risk management tools and liquidity solutions, Brokeree is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of features that cater to the diverse needs of financial institutions. With a focus on innovation, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless integrations, Brokeree’s features are designed to empower brokers, enhance trading environments, and drive overall efficiency in the financial markets.

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