Best 9 Trending Facts About Mobile App Development

Best 9 Trending Facts About Mobile App Development

In the recent times, it has been an evident factor that the mobile apps have been trending among the Millennials. It is true that there are a lot of interesting facts about the mobile apps that the people are unaware of which they are using on the regular basis. Are you a tech geek? Then, in that case, you need to know these amazing and interesting facts on mobile apps.

There are many different intriguing facts on mobile apps that it will have you thinking in your mind “Why didn’t I know this, for this long?” So, without further ado let’s go ahead and let’s get to know a few interesting things about mobile apps.

An analysis states that there is a projection made that there will be around 269 billion apps will be downloaded in 2017 and that clearly says that there will be whopping 33 apps for every human on the face of the earth. This makes it clear the impact which the mobile apps on the human race.

Investment matters

While developing a particular mobile app for a certain purpose it is crucial to have an insight into the investment that is required to build the app in the first place. Technical knowledge will be of great help to reduce the costs to develop the mobile app. Hiring a mobile app developer will definitely cost you a fortune and it is essential for you to decide carefully on the investment that you need to make for developing the app.

Terms & Conditions

It is important that the essential legal agreement is made even before building the app. The investment protection will definitely go a long way for you and the investment which has been made as well. Ensure that there are documents created for the payments, distribution and the copyrights and have it revised by a lawyer as well to ensure that everything is right. It is also important to have a clear discuss the terms and conditions with the developer.

Fixing a Price

Now, once you have developed the mobile with explicit and amazing features, it is the time that you have fixed a price to the app. On the app stores, it is clear that there are apps which are for free and there are paid apps as well. So, it is important for you to take the right decision even before you go ahead and fix a price for the app. It will be helpful if you could do a research on the app downloads and the pattern, that will give a clear cut idea on fixing the right price.

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Describe it the right way

Once the app is in the store it is crucial to have the description of the mobile app is simple and neat. Always remember, it is the selling point for your mobile app that is what makes a whole lot of difference. Ensure that the description which you give for the mobile app is precise and makes the user download the app.


Even before the app is laid out on the floors, it is important that it is tested in the right way with appropriate parameters. Always have a backup plan if in case, by any means the current plan backfires. And one of the most important factors is that you need to definitely have a solution for the bugs which might appear in the future in the app. So, it is essential for you to test the app with the interface and features even before it is being sent out to the stores for the people to download and start using it.

Promotion matters

Remember one of the most undeniable facts when it comes mobile apps is that there already millions out there and it might seem a bit difficult. When the app is being launched in the market, it is important that there is a perfect medium for it to reach the millions of users out there. Make sure that you have something new, creative, innovative, and out of the box which will automatically make them fall for it or buy it.


Don’t stop at one platform; make sure that the mobile which is designed and developed is flexible, versatile and compatible to be used on various platforms. This will invariably increase the user base for your mobile app and that will, in turn, lead to progressive conversions. So, when you are building the mobile app ensure that, it is being built for various platforms.

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Earning substantially

It is a fact that as there is a rise in the number of downloads and usage of the app it will, in turn, affect the revenue which is being generated through your mobile app. And it is a good idea if you can make a tad bit of investment with advertisements to increase the reach of the app amongst the people and that will as well increase the profit rate percentage for your app as well.

Working on Bugs

One of the major reasons for the downfall of any app in the market is the crashing and bugs. It is important that you are being able to handle any kind of bugs that might appear in the future. Ensure that you have tested the app on the beta version even before it is made available for the public to use it.

Final Thoughts

    Mobile apps in the present situation are the most trending factors and it has gained an immense amount of popularity with the people. If you are planning to design and develop a mobile app, it is essential for you to follow to ensure that the mobile app is a success in the market. An analysis states that there will be revenue of around 189 billion dollars by the year 2020 through the mobile apps. And this makes it clear the impact which the mobile apps will have in the future and the field of businesses.

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