The Basics You Need To Know Before Selling on Amazon

The Basics You Need To Know Before Selling on Amazon

Before you start to sell products on Amazon there are a number of things you need to know. In this article, I will go through the basics so that you are in a position so that you can start a successful sales campaign.

Amazon Basics

A large number of drop shippers do not carry out research that is extensive enough which means that they struggle getting sales. Before you list your product you will first need to check out the competition. You will want to know the prices of other similar products so that you know you're competitively priced. When making the calculations do not forget to include shipping costs. Getting your price right from the start will get you off to the best possible start.

Reviews are a massive part of how well your products will rank on Amazon. It means from day one you need to make sure you offer the best service by answering emails quickly and getting the goods to the buyer as quickly as possible. If you start off by getting lots of bad reviews it can be very difficult to recover from which is why you need to get it right from the beginning.

Look out for low competition products to sell as this will help you boost your sellers ranking quickly. Offering products that are popular at rock bottom prices is another great way to build up your ranking which will enable you to get more exposure on Amazon.

When you first start selling on Amazon you will not be able to offer all the different shipping methods. Only once you have built up an established reliable shipping history at slow shipping speeds will you be able to offer services for two-day delivery.

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It is important that you do not break any of Amazons rules as your account will end up getting banned. By adding fake reviews to your products will result in account termination so do not go down this root. Make sure that your information is correct for every product such as price, shipping etc. You do not want a load of reviews hitting your business in a negative way which is why you need to pay close attention to getting the product information correct.

Make sure that you understand all of Amazon's policies and rule before you start to sell. You will want to find out about the shipping policies, product details rules, selling policies and agreements, prohibited activities along with seller actions.


Before you sell any product online you must first know the business as well as you possibly can so that time can be managed correctly to get the maximum return. There are lots of possibilities to make vast sums of money on Amazon and by taking the time to make sure that everything is done correctly is the best route to success. Do not underestimate the length of time along with the number of products you will have to list in order to make this a business that can make a living from. If you are prepared to work hard, it is simple to make it at drop shipping on Amazon.


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