Home Improvement Trends In 2018

Home Improvement Trends In 2018

If you want to remodel your home, now might be the time. In just a little over a week, the new year will have begun! 2018, baby!

To help you on your home improvement journey, here are several key trends that are taking over various home improvement circles.

In this day and age, color is important. With the right colors, you can take something as boring and drab as a kitchen, and turn it into a warm and inviting space. With the right color, you can conjure any feeling and any atmosphere. In 2018, people are going to start repainting their kitchens with warm and inviting colors hues of red and yellow; brown and light tan.

Going back to color, more and more people are taking the furniture of their homes and the general aesthetic that their furniture conjures, and repainting their walls to match with their furniture. Most of this is strictly from a “home design” standpoint, but one can’t deny that the right colors, if combined with furniture and general decor, can make a home look absolutely radiant.

Accessibility is important. Especially due to the fact that the economy has changed so much and many people have found their oldest family members – mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers – living with them. As is to be expected, many of these people are older and they need certain accommodations in order to get around their home. These “accessibility accommodations”, as they are known, generally take the form of widening doorways and halls. However, some of these improvements are far more extreme. The more extreme ones have to do with adding a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom, to the first floor so your elderly family member doesn’t have to strain themselves going up/down the stairs.

You’ve seen the marketing, being “eco-friendly” is big. Families – mostly families – are spending some extra cash to get their houses equipped with a number of additions that insure their house is eco-friendly. This consists of installing pieces of tech that allow for the home to be automated – Smart Home Technologies – along with using eco-friendly remodeling materials for when you make those additions to your home. This is something that homeowners are looking to do, and homebuyers are looking for this when they buy a home.

Luxury is quickly becoming a very big trend in home improvement. People want to feel like they live in a mansion fit for a king – or queen. You can see this in one particular trend. The installation/building of these things called “Master Suites”. If you’ve ever stayed at a fancy hotel, then you know what a master suite is. A big room that connects to a big – and fancy – bathroom. In between those two key elements, there is a lot of empty space that can be filled. More and more people are spending the extra time and money to add additional space to their bedrooms, and to build bathrooms that are far more glamorous than the “main” bathroom.

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