5 On-Budget Yet Underrated Places to Explore In Dubai

5 On-Budget Yet Underrated Places to Explore In Dubai

From the glitzy array of shopping malls to the gigantic edifices, to the ever-increasing skyscrapers, Dubai has it all! However, if you are tight on budget and still wish to uncover this authentic and glamorous Emirati soul, these places that should be in your itinerary to scratch-out the city.

But Before…

Good food, especially from Dubai food festival, is a thing to try on!

Dubai hosts one of the largest food festivals featuring mouthwatering and delicious food with extravagant food-trucks, authentic dishes, street food and much more. Just wander the streets of Deira or perhaps the suburb of Satwa to have tasty treats on your platter from different countries.

The Glimpse of Tallest and The Longest:

Dubai hosts one of the tallest and longest edifies. While Burj Khalifa is an obvious thing to visit, you should go Princess Tower as well. With 101 stories and 763 residential units, it is the second largest building in the world that hosts six floors and eight retail outlets to fulfill shopper’s greed.

Here’s the list of on-budget places you should visit when in Dubai:

1. A Walk in The Urban Beach…

While Dubai will not fascinate people who love exploring on foot, the Jumeirah beach is a place where one can fulfill its wish. It’s one of the most astonishing and beautiful places to walk around in Dubai. With a fantastic ambiance, multi-cuisine restaurants, open-air café’s and delicious food carts the place has everything.

2. Miracle Garden…

Home to more than 26 species and over 1500 butterflies, Miracle garden is a colorful treat to the visitors. With beautiful display’s and more than 45 million flowers of different shapes and designs, it’s should be on your list of places to visit.

3. Water Taxi?

Dubai also has amazing water taxis. Yes! Amidst luxury cars and skyscrapers, Abra will give you historical ride to check the essence of Dubai creek while enjoying the water ride.

4. Dragon Mart…

Why Dragon Mart when you can visit luxurious malls in the heart of the city? Well, Dragon Mall is a home to many Chinese products that too in Dubai. Yes! Housing over 4000 different stores, amazing furniture and beautiful home décor’s, the Dragon mart features Chinese traders to showcase their products.

5. Bastakia Quarter…

The beautiful, tranquil place in the hush-hush of the city is what Bastakia Quarter is all about. Want to view real beauty? Visit the place at night to see beautiful light up of the buildings. Although it’s the least famous place in Dubai, it’s worth visiting.

And the Desert…..

5 On-Budget Yet Underrated Places to Explore In Dubai

Tired of the bustle of the city? Turn your trip toward deserts and explore sands from where the city rose. Amidst desert, there’s Dubai Desert conservation Reserve which hosts natural beauty of Arabian Desert and much more.

Dubai can be very expensive if you have plans to be in lavishing resorts, shopping from malls or dine in one of the most luxurious places. However, if you are tight on budget as well as have only two days to explore the city, the places mentioned above are a gem. You will fall in love with them if you wish to explore Dubai heritage than the city lights and edifies. Also, if you want to know more about its culture, hiring one of the Dubai travel agents can help you.

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