A battle between the best phones: check who wins!

A battle between the best phones: check who wins!

Due to advancement in technology and many concepts like make in India, we have a lot of challenging choices when we are out in the market to purchase a phone for ourselves or for anyone in the family. Even after checking for reviews about each and every phone on Google, we still get confused on which one to purchase and which one to leave as there are many features in the phone that we consider essential. So, that we can use it for long period, considering the price of the phone also bothers us while choosing one. Therefore, here we are going to compare the same so that the confusion might get resolved for the new buyers.

Android V/s iPhone:

There are basically three choices in the market go either for Android or Windows or the Apple IOS. However, here we are going to discuss only the Android phones and the iPhone. Therefore, we are going to do a comparison of both according to the user preferences and demands these days such as:

  • Applications: Here the applications are all the applications that are provided by the Google play store and the Apple store. So, basically, Google play store provides many vast applications on its play store platform i.e. around 3.5 million of applications which is much larger in number as compared to the Apple’s store which provides around 2.2 million of applications.

However, the quality of the applications and the variety, as well as, the first release of the applications is on the Apple store than on the Google store. So, here the quality of the application on iOS may be the winner not in terms of quantity but in terms of quality.

  • Charging facilities: Android and iPhone both, provide good battery life. However, Android gives the exact estimation about how much time the battery will work before applying charger also, an Android phone and iOS both provide the power saving mode in order to extend battery life for few hours by disabling some applications that require more battery usage.

However, if talking about the adapter that is for the charging purpose then all the Android phone provide the adapters along with their phones but in case of Apple, the buyers need to purchase it separately. So, in this case, the Android phone wins the battle between the two.

  • Updates to the software: In the case of Android, the updates to the software come very late as compared to Apple. The Apple phones get timely updated with bug fixes, security updates etc. but it is not in case of Android. There are very few Android operated devices that are running on the latest Android version i.e. Android 8.1(Oreo version). So, here Apple iPhones gain points.
  • Price range/ Affordability level: All the Apple phones have a starting price of around 30k to around 80k, which is quite expensive for a middle-income man to afford. However, all the Android phone makers have a reasonable price range starting from 12k or so that is easy to buy. If someone having desire to buy iPhone within low price range then he needs to wait for another product launch so that the previous models of the iPhone suffer a downfall in their price, which paves a way for a middle-income man to buy it. Therefore, in such cases, Android becomes the first preference for the buyers.
  • Apps other than the Store: However, Google play store provides a wide –range of applications for its Android users as compared to Apple users even then it allows Android users to access and download applications from the third party which is prohibited by Apple as it may have a way to malware. Though focusing on the access to the newer applications, Android wins the battle.
  • Customization: Android phones provides certain applications that are there to customize our phones with the desired themes, that give our home screen, our lock screen a new look. Not only this the Android also helps various widgets and launchers that change the look of our phones while the feature of changing the theme, background or widget style is still limited in the iPhones.
  • Sharing and pairing options: Although iPhones provide Airdrop options for sharing but it is between iPhone users only. They create connection problems with the most common sharing applications such as ShareIt etc. while it is very easy for Android users to pair up and share using Bluetooth or sharing applications such as ShareIt. So, here again, the Android phone is a winner.
  • Calling services: The Android manufacturers often add up some calling or messaging functionalities in the Android phones that make it difficult to use. However, Apple has its built-in application know as FaceTime and iMessages that makes communication fast and easy for all the iPhone users irrespective of their age. So, this way, in this case, the iPhone proves to be more user- friendly in comparison to Android products.
  • Mailing services: As Gmail is more popular as compared to other mailing options. So, ultimately in this case also it wins from iOS mail option and hence leaves behind the iOS/ Apple products.
  • Google maps: Although both Android, as well as, the Apple iOS provides the access to Google maps but in Android phones, it is default navigation application, also it is much better and much detailed as compared to Apple maps. However, Apple maps are a good start but still lack in quality some of the other ways.
  • Camera quality: However, the third-party applications add a good feature to a camera such as adjusting of lights etc. and Google Pixel2 has a very good camera but still without the third-party involvement the camera and picture clarity and quality provided by the iPhones is very good and very close to the new phones launched by Google. Therefore, we can say that iPhones take the points this time.
  • Cloud services: In Android phones or Google phone, the Google Drive provides 15 GB free drive space to its users, which is more than enough as compared to Apple iCloud that provides only 5GB of storage to its users and then offers, paid storage for next 50GB. However, the Android’s cloud storage is very efficient and easy to use as compared to Apple’s cloud storage.

So, if we consider all these points the winner through majority is the Android one as it fits in the budget, provides all the basic features, is easy to use and provide a good amount of space and battery or charging facilities. However, the choice still depends upon the users.

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