Go Big or Go Home: 10 High-Risk Stocks to Take Your Chances On

Go Big or Go Home: 10 High-Risk Stocks to Take Your Chances On

Do you like to live on the edge? Is “risk” your middle name? If so, you need to add a little adventure to your investment game.

There is a place for small-cap stocks in every portfolio. But when it comes to bigger rewards, sometimes you have to go big with more risk.

We aren’t recommending to throw all caution to the wind and risk it all. However, if you’re ready to take some steps away from your conservative approach, here are ten high-risk stocks to consider.

1. CenturyLink

Researching good stock options can be tricky. The stock market changes daily. Using tools like this resourceful link helps investors search for Top 10 stock ideas depending on your interests and risk comfort level.

Our list starts with a company that might be a surprise to some. But CenturyLink could prove to be a big yield if you think it’s worth the risk.

With the purchase of Level 3 Communications in 2017, CenturyLink expanded its high-speed-internet fiber. This move will help the aging tech company stay relevant with ever-changing developments in internet technology.

Look for CTL on the NYSE to take advantage of this stock before it takes off.

2. Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Despite a down year for Chesapeake (CHK), the company is making changes to improve its stability situation.

The company sits between large debt on the balance sheet versus leverage from high energy prices. However, this might take some time.

With risky investments, learn to have patients. You’ll see swings from high to low. But the risk pays off when you don’t panic during the lows.

3. Teva Pharmaceutical

All good stock adventures should include at least one pharmaceutical adventure.

Teva Pharmaceutical (TEVA) is showing some growth over the past year. But it still faces tough competition from the generic version of the company’s drug for treating multiple sclerosis.

Getting in on Teva sooner rather than later should pay off–as long as they continue on the path to reducing company debt. The company is off to a good start by selling some assets to improve their bottom line.

4. Altria Group

The consumer desire for cigarettes isn’t going anywhere. But a recent fear that tobacco corporations will start investing in risky marijuana companies has increased the risk involved with your tobacco stock investments.

The Altria Group (MO) is the corporation behind Marlboro. The company recently purchased Juul–a company that produces pods and devices for vaping. They’ve also invested in Cronos, a Canadian company behind cannabis research and technology.

The strength of vaping companies and the emergence of the legal marijuana market has yet to play out in the world of stock investments. Some see Altria Group’s investment in these companies as a risk.

But if you’re up for the risk, buying into Altria Group now could pay off.

5. Elbit Systems

Have you heard of Elbit Systems? They make technology systems for aircraft, intelligence-gathering and military communications systems, and drones.

That should seem like a lower-risk investment. These are critical technologies that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The risk with Elbit Systems (ESLT) is the company’s location. The headquarters sits in Haifa, Israel–a highly volatile area of the world.

Trade with Israel is often at-risk due to the instabilities of government and politics around the world. However, Elbit Systems sells its products all around the world.

Because the company trades with multiple countries, the risk might be worth the investment on this one.

6. Canadian Solar

If you want to go international without the military technology of Elbit Systems, consider Canadian Solar (CSIQ).

This company has seen its fair share of challenges. It’s not the biggest name on the solar equipment market. However, Canadian Solar equipment is in high-demand.

Stocks for this company are bumpy. But if a few things pan out, grabbing Canadian Solar stocks now could yield a high dividend down the road.

7. Chegg

Who would have thought that an online textbook rental company would be an investment stock worth the risk?

Chegg (CHGG) started in the online textbook rental market. The company found some success there, then switched focus to become a digital platform for college students in the U.S.

Students are embracing Chegg’s study services and online tutors. Some of the risks with Chegg stock lies in an unknown future.

Will Chegg be a pioneer and dominate a market? Or will Chegg be more attractive as an addition to a larger corporation who sees the value in what Chegg offers?

Either way, this is one high-risk stock worth considering.

8. Pitney Bowes

Innovation keeps companies like Pitney Bowes alive in the shipping and transportation market. However, carrying a high debt load makes Pitney Bowes a risky investment.

While the company has experienced higher costs and rising prices, Pitney Bowes is also working to innovate in the marketplace.

With investments in network optimization, automation, and technology upgrades Pitney Bowes should see an offset in the company’s considerable debt.

9. Splunk

From the software and technology world, investing in Splunk could be an excellent risk. It’s not a cheap investment, but it could be rewarding.

More industries are embracing big data to drive business. Splunk (SPLK) is in the thick of software companies translating data into useful information. As the company grows, it could be an attractive acquisition for a larger company.

10. Scientific Games Corp

This company is one of the leading providers of slot machines to casinos throughout the industry.

Scientific Games Corp (SGMS) is coming out of a low season. But the industry shows that the timing is right for large-scale machine replacements.

As a big supplier of these machines, Scientific Games Corp could see growth soon.

Buy Low With High-Risk Stocks

If some of these companies sound like they’re struggling, that’s what helps create high-risk stocks.

There’s no guarantee of a high payoff when investing in risky situations. But there’s often a better payoff with high-risk stocks if you’re patient and have a balanced portfolio.

If you need an investment opportunity that’s a little shinier but less risky, check out our article about investing in silver.

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