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If you’re a blogger that has started to gain traction, then the next big step for you would be to use this influence to start earning money through it. Be sure to check your feedback from your WordPress survey plugins. You will need it in order to know what products you can sell or promote on your blog.


The most basic method of earning money through your blog is to place advertisements on it. There are two types of advertisements that are used in blogs:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC): This is the type of ad in which money is earned every time a visitors clicks on it. These are usually banners placed on your content or side bar.
  • Cost Pero 1,000 Impressions (CPM): These are ads that get you paid a fixed amount based on the amount of views the ads receive on your blog.

A program like Google AdSense can help you choose ads that are relevant to you and your visitors. It also takes care of getting you the rights to use the ads without direct contact with the advertisers.

make money through blogging

Selling Advertisements

Either the advertisers approach you or vice versa, selling advertisement/sponsorship placement on your blog is a great way for you to dictate the price you earn from these ads by setting a “rental” fee. This means that you will get paid a monthly or yearly rate despite the amount of views and clicks they will get from your blog; it is up to you to negotiate this amount. You can also sell sponsorship space in any newsletter, podcasts, video, or any other media related to your blog.

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Successfully selling advertisement space may require you to write content about the advertisers or create content that is “brought to the” visitors by them.

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Affiliate Links

Affiliate links provide you a method to earn a commission by helping your advertisers sell their products. This is done by adding these links on your blog either within a piece of content or in a banner. When your visitors click this link, it will lead them to the product that the advertisers have contracted you to help them sell. If they end up buying this product directly after coming from your website, then the advertisers will be notified and they can pay you the agreed-upon commission.

Sell Digital Products

Aside from helping advertisers sell their products, you can also sell your own. A good way to do so is to sell digital products such as eBooks, online workshops, stock media, applications, etc. Such products are easy to sell online because less logistics are involved. Just be sure you use feedback from your readers to understand which products would sell the most.

Market Your Actual Business

Blogs are a great way to market any business because of the influence bloggers can have on big groups of people. This is why advertisers are keen to place their banners on blogs. However, you can also use your influence to engage people to try out the products/services your business offers.

Simply create content related to it to inform your readers of the business in a natural way. Think of this as having a conversation with a friend about your business that will interest him to see what you are selling. This will attract more people to check out what you have to offer over the hard-sell, self-centred method of advertising your business on your own blog.

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It will be a dream if you could earn money from the blog you are passionate about. With these tips, that dream can become a reality.

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