What Is the Best Vacuum for Your Home Flooring?

What Is the Best Vacuum for Your Home Flooring?

Different kinds of flooring call for different kinds of cleaning tools. Finding the right vacuum for your home’s specific needs will ensure your space stays clean while you put in the minimum physical effort. So how do you determine which vacuum is right for your flooring?


These small cleaners are the type of the tool you’d use to clean up small spaces. While they’re perfect for cleaning debris in tight corners or sweeping up a few crumbs here and there, they won’t help you much when it comes to clearing up your entire floor space. To clean a floor with one of these, you’d have to be willing to put in plenty of physical effort and frequently empty the collected debris. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have one around.


This classic option is usually intended to be tilted and pushed across the floor. This type of design is perfect for cleaning your carpet, especially if you turn on the brush roll, and its wide mouth can make cleaning up a quick chore. You will have to push the vacuum around, however, so be prepared for a little manual labor. And, unless it has adequate attachments, it won’t always clean those tight corners that handheld models can reach. An upright vacuum can also scratch hardwood floors unless it has a setting specifically intended for use on those surfaces.


Canister vacuums, which feature a cleaning wand attached to a debris-collecting canister, strike a convenient balance. Aside from the storage canister itself, this type of vacuum tends to have a slim design that’s easy to maneuver while also offering powerful suction to clean carpets and hardwood floors. Narrow attachments can also make it easy to reach tight corners. These attachments effectively turn the vacuum into a handheld model, minus the limited storage capacity.

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So what’s the downside to canister models? While the cleaning stick is typically light and easy to control, the canister itself can be a challenge to deal with. You might find yourself constantly turning around to help it get onto carpeted areas or around corners. Fortunately, newer models of canister vacuums solve this problem, resulting in more efficient and easy-to-use cleaning devices.

The ZeroG Vac is one such vacuum. The canister lacks wheels, so it easily glides from room to room, even if you have hardwood in one space and carpeting in the next. So, in addition to a half-gallon storage canister and power brush options, the vacuum is also incredibly light and more portable than most canister models. It’s safe to use on both hardwood floors and carpets, so it’s a wise option for anyone looking for a one-size-fits-all solution to cleaning floors.

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