How Can Your Company Benefit From a Digital Check-In System?

How Can Your Company Benefit From a Digital Check-In System?
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Clients are judging your business by your office. With so much riding on this first impression, you should ensure their first point of contact is a professional one. A digital check-in system is an ideal way to ensure your customers are greeted properly and their data securely collected. But what exactly is a digital check-in process and how can it benefit your company?

Here’s a primer on digital check-ins: what they are and why you should invest in one.

What Is a Digital Check-In System?

A digital check-in system is an automated process for registering and managing visitors. Most of the time it involves the use of visitor management software through a receptionist app.

Such processes capture visitor information, including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company
  • Contact information
  • Reason for the visit

Check-in apps routinely keep track of which employee is hosting the visitor as well as when the visitor has left the premises. They can also automate the printing of visitor passes, the signing of legal documents, and the notification of host employees.

Digital check-ins have many benefits, including:

Increased Productivity

The front office staff is skilled workers in their own right. However, their full range of skill is rarely fully utilized as their time is taken up with mundane tasks like collecting and collating visitor data.

Automation of your check-in processes is one of many ways you can increase workplace productivity. It frees up your staff to concentrate on their more skill-heavy work, ensuring their time is best spent.

Improved Data Accuracy

Paper visitor logs are only as legible as the people writing in them. This reliance on readable handwriting means trawling through paper log books can be a lesson in frustration.

Digital check-in apps ensure that all visitor data is entered legibly. Digital records are also much easier to organize, store, and search than paper records. This is especially important if you need to find records in an emergency.

Better Privacy

Paper visitor log books aren’t secure. All a visitor has to do is flip through the pages to gain access to the names and details of all those who have signed in before them.

Automated check-in software ensures that the only details a visitor is privy to are their own. This guarantees the privacy of your organization and your visitors.

A More Professional Front

Clients judge a business by their office just as surely as it’s signage. This is why so much time and effort is put into interior office design.

An automated digital check-in procedure presents your company as modern and technically savvy. It also gives your customers peace of mind that you take their privacy seriously.

Invest in a Digital Check-In Process

Investing in a digital check-in system is the best way to manage your business’ visitors. It’s a boon for productivity, ensures privacy, improves data accuracy, and presents your business as modern and tech-savvy. With so many up-sides, the investment is a sound one.

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