How to Take Care of Your Voice as an Emcee

How to Take Care of Your Voice as an Emcee

For emcees, public speakers, presenters, teachers and singers alike, their voice is their most vital instrument and source of livelihood. Often, their vocal cords take a beating when they take the stage or stand in front of a large crowd for days on end.

When working as an emcee, you need to make sure your voice is in good shape before and after the event. Here, the top Dubai-based master of ceremonies shares tips and reminders for keeping your voice fit and ready for any event.

1. Stay hydrated at all times.

Water is an emcee’s best friend. Drink lots of warm water as the clear liquid keeps your vocal cords hydrated and limber.

Without water, your throat will feel dry and start to tighten. Your voice will end up sounding hoarse and scratchy. This will make it more difficult to properly deliver your speech, introduce speakers, or make a good impression or your intended impact on your audience.

Add a bit of honey if you prefer flavor in your warm drink. The more established singers and professional performers often use what is known as a steam machine before every performance. Much like drinking water, this machine keeps the vocal cords moist and ready.

Having some water within easy reach is a simple but effective solution to keeping your throat and body hydrated. Pause form speaking from time to time to take a sip or two, especially if you start to feel your throat getting dry.

2. Flex those vocal cords.

Think of emceeing as a sport. Similar to any sport, athletes are expected to warm up and perform sufficient stretching exercises before training or beginning any match. The same goes for hosts, speakers and performers.

There is a variety of exercises you can perform to prepare your vocal cords for the task at hand. One of the simplest exercises you can try is to hum.

You can choose to hum a tune that’s already familiar to you or make up one as needed. The goal is to gently flex your throat muscles, making it easier to reach those high and low pitches or get you into rhythm.

Humming a tune softly also helps relax your nerves. Most people feel anxious before presenting or performing in front of a crowd. By humming, you are shaking off some of the excess energy from your body, making you feel more  relaxed and confident.

3. Observe quiet periods.

Regardless of your profession, it is important to give your throat a vocal nap. This is especially true for people who use their voices for extended periods of time, like emcees and teachers.

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In the case of teachers, they can take vocal naps in between classes and during recess or lunch breaks. If you are an emcee, make good use of intermissions as well as before or after the event. During these times, avoid putting any additional unnecessary pressure to your voice, like talking to someone inside a noisy room or screaming.

4. Give your neck some extra care.

You should also try to take care of the muscles around your throat as much as possible. The neck muscles are vital in producing sounds. As such, any strain or injury can make it more difficult to perform or deliver your speech in the optimal manner.

Be aware of your posture as this can affect your neck muscles as well. For instance, avoid holding or cradling the phone between your head and shoulders. This position requires you to tense up the muscles around your neck, causing unnecessary strain.

Best Practices

As an emcee, you should avoid clearing your voice whenever possible. Clearing the throat is a common habit among people who get stressed. However, when done too frequently or too aggressively, it can damage your vocal chords.

Sip water instead whenever you have the urge to clear your throat. The water helps in keeping your throat moist and relaxed.

An emcee must keep his voice in top condition in order to perform his best at all events. By following these tips, you can stay in peak form before and even after working.


Hisham Wyne is an internationally recognised MC, broadcaster, presenter and moderator who helps the world’s best-known brands create memorable occasions. He regularly hosts conferences, panel sessions, gala dinners and award ceremonies for some of the world’s best brands. With 150+ events under his belt, Hisham is the professional speaker that brands and agencies turn to when wanting to interview, engage and entertain government VVIPs and Hollywood celebrities.

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