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There are many different ways a lawyer can get cases from the internet https://gladiatorlawmarketing.com/blog/should-attorneys-buy-leads/. The internet is such a valuable tool for any business to advertise. It is as good as advertising through word-of-mouth if not better. There are many sites and web pages a lawyer can use to his or her advantage. it covers the areas where having only a website and other forms of advertising does not reach. In other words, it fills and the gaps in what is missing. Listed here are the most popular ways a lawyer can obtain more business. Online marketing can also be a cheap and reliable way of advertising since there are many sites that are free to use their services. 


One form of marketing that is closest to the word-of-mouth version is gaining reviews. When the public reviews a lawyer, many people will take note. Almost every person will check the reviews for any business. This will give an idea of what the person can expect when choosing a lawyer online. On Avvo, almost 100 percent of lawyers in the United States are rated with good and bad reviews. With those outstanding numbers, this would be the first option for all lawyers to look into. It may not be the best when starting out, but after getting a few clients and having those clients take the time to send out reviews on Avvo, it will be well worth it in the long run. This option is free to use. It also has one of the best search engine optimization on its site. 


Like Avvo, Yelp is pretty much the same thing when it comes to having clients leave reviews. The only differences are the clients have a forum or comment section where they can discuss the good and the bad comments among each other. Thank goodness the owner of the page can monitor the Yelp for Business page and have some form of control over negative comments that can hurt their business. Some people will post mean and false things just to do it. It can be a cruel world online when it comes to this so taking precautions is a must. 

Google My Business

Google My Business has all the same features as the first two. The expansion comes into play when the page throws in maps and directions. It also can lead clients to your page. Google is the most used in the search engine category and the more people use Google, the more they want all the information they can get when it comes to finding a lawyer. This is where Google can steer clients right at the front door of any office building. A great example would be if a person is looking for a divorce lawyer, they can go directly to Google My Business and type that information in and Bingo! They have everything at their fingertips to get them to the lawyer’s website, front door to their office, reviews, and they can even call directly from their mobile phone from the Google My Business page the lawyer has set up.

Bing Places

Some people do not like Google, and that is okay. Bing is another version off of the Internet Explorer option. There are two versions on every computer, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It is the client’s choice as to which version they like best. It is best to have both pages set up with the lawyer’s information so everyone can have access to the same information no matter what version they use on their laptop or computer. Most people now days use their smartphones which have the same standards. Bing is installed into almost every computer, but the Google Chrome app has to be installed, so most people will not mess with it. A lawyer should keep this in mind when promoting internet marketing promotion. 

Facebook and Social Media

The great question could be asked, where do we start when talking about advertising on social media? It is the largest opportunity to get any name or business out there to the public. There are billions of people on Facebook and Instagram and almost everyone in the United States, if not the world is on it at the same time. Some stay on social media all day long. Facebook has recommendations people use and all they have to do is request information on lawyers. Once they do this, the doors swing wide open. Then, the reviews pour in and the lawyer can have all the word-of-mouth advertising needed to stay in business. There is also an option for lawyers and business owners to set up a Facebook page that can take the client directly to their website. All of these options in one, what better way to advertise?

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