How Forex Brokers Make Money?

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Forex industry has become a very popular field for investors and traders alike. A lot of people managed to make a fortune by trading and become one of the most notable representatives in their homelands.

Apart from traders, Forex brokers have a huge role in trading. They act as intermediaries and are really helpful. But many people are interested in the fact how brokers make money, and in this article, we will thoroughly examine this topic.

Why or what does a Forex broker earn?

Forex brokers earn in the trading process, receiving a certain percentage of the commission from the sales made by the trader. Traders are people who sell. They are obliged to give part of the money to the broker for each transaction. It would seem that this is the broker’s earnings, but there are many features and pitfalls with which you should be familiar.

How and what does a regular Forex broker earn?

Many brokerage companies bring to the Forex market not clearly the position of the client, but only a part of them, passing off as theirs. That is, the trader, as it were, only cooperates with the broker, without going into details of the work of the Forex broker and transactions on the foreign exchange market independently. Such work of a broker company is not dishonest in relation to a trader, since the features of a deal with a trader are preserved, and the broker does not interfere with his winning customers.

Forex brokerage companies are usually oriented on their clients. One of such brokers, BDSwiss broker is an example of an intermediary that acts from the interests of clients and provides a great degree of assistance.

Forex brokers also earn on losing traders who give significant amounts in case of loss to the broker. If a trader wins in the Forex market, the broker is not forced to hunt for the deposits of its traders.

There are also some important details we should point out when talking about the winnings of Forex brokers:

Forex broker’s earnings in addition to the spread

Some dealing broker companies operate without commissions; that is, client traders do not have to pay extra for each (successful or unsuccessful) transaction. So do they earn? Spreads play the biggest role here. The spread is the difference in the value of the currency in different transactions – between the trader and the broker, as well as between the broker and the users of the Forex market.

The peculiarity is that the spread of the broker in the Forex market is higher than the spread of the trader, due to this, the broker receives an additional fee. According to 55Brokers, quotes of the Forex market are lower, and the broker, of course, takes this difference after the transaction is completed. A special type of transaction is clearing, when the broker closes the position of the trader within the company, without even bringing it to Forex. This broker makes a lot of money.

How and on what does ECN Forex broker earn?

ENC brokers are not particularly tricky in their activities: they work at stable quotes, do not change prices, but transfers them to the Forex market as they were set by the trader. The only source of income for such a brokerage company is commission fees that are steadily collected for each transaction.

Thus, traders who use the services of ECN brokers can independently calculate in advance the costs of their sale, based on the volume of trade in the Forex market when using its strategy. The difference, that is, the spread of the company operating as an ECN broker, is the lowest, so the broker’s commission will amount to several tenths if you recalculate the commission for the spread.

When choosing a broker, traders can find out if this company is an ECN broker. To do this, you just need to take advantage of the pattern – broker’s commission-partners commission. These facts are not secret with Forex brokers. If the partners of the dealing company receive a small fee on ECN accounts, we can conclude that this company itself also charges low fees from traders.

Brokers can also earn on the services of short sales. The essence of such a service is to monitor the trend of prices for various stocks. Traders can earn on the fall of stocks. That is, shares can be sold at the same price, and with a fall, it is cheaper to buy again. A commission from the broker will levy the difference formed during this procedure. Thus, both the trader will earn on the purchase and sale, and the broker will receive his commission.

Forex brokers create special strategic programs for making a profit in the Forex market. At the same time, competent modern dealing companies earn honestly, without prejudice to the capabilities and rights of their clients.

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