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If you ask around, few people will turn down the chance to line their pockets with a little extra cash. With more time on their hands owing to movement restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, many are looking online to find ways to use this extra time to their financial advantage. Here are some conventional ways to make extra money online, and a few you might not have thought of yet:

Online store

There are so many eCommerce opportunities to exploit online, that you might need a while to sort through your options. Whether you create a shop to sell handmade jewelry or design an online paid course teaching advanced knitting skills, where there is a market, you will make some money

Running an eCommerce store where goods must be packaged and shipped can become time-consuming, so ensure that it will not interfere with other income streams, like your day job.

Online gambling

If the element of slight risk appeals to you, why not try a real money online casino? A quick search will reveal how many there are to choose from and what games they offer. 

Before selecting which one you intend to use, make sure it is reputable and has the licenses required to operate legally. Start with a small amount to make sure the casino makes good on paying out any winnings. After that, remember to gamble responsibly and seek help if you are worried that it is becoming an addiction.

Play the stock market

If the adrenaline rush on a real money online casino suits you, consider trading stocks to make a profit. There are many online courses about trading online and how to make a profit. 

However, if you feel that you might need some help, ask a Forex broker for advice. It takes a steady nerve to play the stock market, and you should not invest more money than you can afford to lose.


With a plethora of freelancer platforms online, join one and advertise your services. Popular skills include copywriting, ghostwriting, social media marketing, translating, and being a virtual assistant. 

On the technical side, people are always looking for freelancers to design websites or collate and analyze data. Bid for jobs online, emphasizing your skills and what makes you an ideal candidate for the task.

Become an influencer

Starting a podcast is a long game when it comes to making money. It will take a few episodes and a lot of marketing before you start getting financial support. 

Alternatively, use your social media accounts to develop a large base of followers who take what you post to heart. Companies will take you seriously if you approach them to market on their behalf and offer you a percentage of the sales you generate.

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