Fastest Exit Stops a Mexican Resort from Scamming a Family

Bond and Marla G. were invited to join a group tour in Cancun with the opportunity to win free tickets to Coco Bongo, a limousine ride, and other freebies. They didn’t put so much into what they would be asked for in return for the tour. This group tour turned out to be one of the worst decisions they had ever made while on a family vacation.

Below is an account of the experience they had with the Mexican timeshare resort. We hope that this sheds more light on the timeshare industry’s tactics to coerce people into the timeshare scam. Bond and Marla attended the timeshare presentation in exchange for the free gifts. They were informed that it was a group tour; however, they spent over four hours in a room with a few people and a couple of salespeople. This was not the group tour they expected. 

“Every time we declined their offer, another gentleman would come up to us and start pitching us again. It was a cycle, and they continued to come up with better deals than the last. The atmosphere was intense,” said Bond. 

Bond and Marla finally agreed to purchase the timeshare with a plan to cancel it after the vacation. By the time they got back, it was already too late. The rescission period had expired, so they were stuck with a timeshare that wasn’t particularly useful. The resort failed to inform them of the 5 day rescission period in Mexico.

During the pitch, they were told that charges would only begin two months after their initial purchase date, but this too was a lie.

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“When we got back from our vacation, our account statement for the month came in. We discovered that they had tried taking money from our account, contrary to what they told us”.

To make it worse, the couple tried to plan a family vacation a year later and found out that booking the timeshare was far from easy. 

“They told us that we had to book a year ahead if we wanted to go to the resort we picked. They also added that we would need some extra points to access the full option for our stay there.” We were demoralized because we looked forward to staying at this resort, and we thought that our timeshare afforded that opportunity cost-effectively”.

Bond and Marla knew that they could not continue to pay for a timeshare that was useless to them and began to find a way out. Bond’s father, who had successfully exited his timeshare a year earlier, referred them to Fastest Exit as the best timeshare exit company out there. After a 30-minute call with the team at Fastest Exit, he knew that he could trust them to help.

“Bond and Marla’s case was typical of the abusive, fraudulent practices of some timeshare resorts in Mexico. We were able to dissolve the membership, although it took a bit longer than normal because the resort fought us tooth and nail. We were glad to have a positive outcome,” said Sergio Oliver. 

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