How to become a real estate agent in Victoria, Australia

become a real estate agent

If you are pondering how to establish yourself and commence working in the real estate industry in Victoria, Australia, then this article is for you. Become a real estate agent can be an exciting initial journey followed by a subsequent rewarding career. 

Getting Started in Real Estate

To work in the real estate industry, you must first have the correct or appropriate qualifications. Having such qualifications will permit you to apply to the state government regulator, the Department of Consumer Affairs. This key department regulates the entire real estate industry in Victoria. This department determines and stipulates the entry requirements on how to enter the industry, and then external training providers will design suitable real estate training courses based on national government standards and regulations and include all of Victoria’s appropriate legislative requirements. 

There are two routes one can take to become a real estate agent in Victoria, Australia.

Route One – Entry Level Course

Most experienced real estate agents advocate this pathway for newcomers entering the industry. This pathway begins with studying the Agents Representative Course, which is an entry-level course available in Victoria. Once this initial course has been completed, becoming an agents’ representative permits one to be employed as a salesperson or property manager and act as a licensed estate agent. It also enables those beginners to perform any of the basic legal functions that a licensed real estate agent can perform.

Consumer Affairs Victoria demands that entrants into the real estate industry successfully complete the following three units of study, which comprise the Agent’s Representative Course qualification:

  1. Unit 1: Recognize the legal and ethical requirements of property sales within the real estate agency industry,
  2. Unit 2: Recognize the legal and ethical requirements of property management within the real estate agency industry,
  3. Unit 3: Actual working in the real estate industry.

Once these three units are completed, you will be given a statement of attainment by your training provider, and you supply this formal Certificate to any future real estate employer when applying for an entry/ junior role.

To be eligible to become an Agents’ Representative, 

  • you must be over 18 years of age.
  • Completing the Agents’ Representative course can be done either online or by participating in a week-long in-person classroom or workshop with a certified training provider.

A further course called the full Certificate IV Real Estate license can be completed at a later date. This Certificate IV allows those agents to manage and operate their own real estate agency business and therefore work for themselves.

Route Two – Become Fully Licensed and Manage and Operate Your Own Business

This pathway is for those aspiring real estate businesspeople who have a larger picture in mind and are striving to own and manage their own agency and work for themselves. 

With this option, newcomers can proceed straight towards Certificate IV and commence studying. There are no restrictions to commencing the full Certificate IV in the Real Estate Property Services course from the outset if one chooses to. Some requirements need to be satisfied first before applying, and these should be checked first with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

In order to apply for the full real estate license in Victoria, you must have had at least one year of registered industry experience working as an Agent’s Representative, and also to have completed the twenty-one 21 units of studying that comprises the qualification – the Certificate IV in Real Estate Property Services.

Those professionals in the industry who proceed with this option typically complete the Agents’ Representative certificate, source suitable and registered work with an agency, and then commence studying the Certificate IV part-time. This enables one to complete the rest of the course at their own pace while obtaining the required 12 months of industry experience before applying to the Department of Consumer Affairs.

After successfully completing the Certificate IV course, you will be authorized and empowered to perform all duties of a real estate agent while under the initial supervision of a licensed real estate agent.

A key point to note is to make sure that aspirants to the real estate industry identify and select an Agent’s Representative course from a training provider that satisfies Victoria’s minimum educational requirements required to work within the industry. Also, check that the training provider is managed and taught by seasoned and active Victorian real estate agents, who have years of hands-on experience and a current understanding of the industry as a whole – and not just in Victoria.


The real estate business is a dynamic and vibrant industry where the traditional agency landscape has changed due to the pandemic and how digital technology has driven online innovation and real estate purchasing behavior. As a result, those real estate agents with modern technical skills are now keenly sought after to support present new approaches to digitally present properties to likely buyers.

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