How to Choose a Logo Font

How to choose a logo font

Today, a logo is of utmost importance when starting and running a business. For the clientele, it may be an attractive picture or a set of beautiful letters. But for any businessman or freelancer it is something more, it is a trademark of the enterprise. A logo is a kind of emblem, a trademark that customers associate with a brand. The logo should always be simple and clear, not cumbersome and confusing. It must fully convey the essence of the sphere of activity. Logo is a business card of the company. Let us highlight the main functions of a logo:

– The function of distinction and association.

The logo, which was executed at a high quality level, is sure to distinguish it from the crowd of competitors. It is the logo that allows you to distinguish the product or product from another firm.

– The function of protection.

This feature lies in the fact that the logo emphasizes the ownership and belonging of the enterprise, acts as a protection of its goods services. If an enterprise uses someone else’s brand to accomplish its goals, the owner of the logo has every right to be held accountable.

– Guarantee function.

By marking your merchandise with a logo, you are marking your warranty on its quality. If you observe, not every company uses branding. Companies that are self-confident, professionals in the market, produce a product only under the logo.

– Function of aesthetics.

Agree, logos on clothing, add a certain style and aesthetics. Thus, the logo gives confidence to customers to buy and full protection against fakes. The logo is an important aesthetic element.

– Function of advertising.

The creation of a logo occurs precisely for this important function, PR. After all, it creates a certain image of the company, easy recognition, reputation and association of quality.

You can conclude that such a small element requires an investment of meaning, money and design.

One of the nuances of the correct and successful design of the logo, this is what font it is created. The font is one of the foundations when conceiving a logo. Properly chosen typographic features, confidently emphasize the originality and strengths. To perform this difficult task in today’s world there is a free logo generator Turbologo. In it you can bring your own idea into reality. Here you will be able to find unique fonts for yourself, which are very much in demand.

For example:

  1. Display- emphasizes positivity, friendliness, peace.
  2. Modern- will highlight modernity and uniqueness.
  3. Script- will cause unambiguous trust, comfort and reliability.

Simple tips when choosing a font:

– Conciseness and simplicity-your partners.

– Readable font is more memorable.

– Competitors’ logos can be taken into consideration

– Do not use several fonts in a row

– Brevity is the sister of talent.

Creating your brand is easy! Don’t miss out on such a cool opportunity with Turbologo’s online designer.

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