Daniel Suero Alonso Cautions Against 3 Common Mistakes Leaders Make

Successful companies require people who can overcome environmental adversities, as well as individuals who don’t constantly stumble over the same stone. No human, not even the best leader, is exempt from making mistakes; we all fail. However, there are certain mistakes that cannot be allowed by those in charge of a team, and these are the ones Daniel Suero Alonso warns about.

The ideal leader is not one who never fails, as such a person does not exist. The best leader is the one who recognizes their mistakes and learns from them. What builds good leadership is not an unblemished trajectory, but the learning from mistakes to avoid repeating them.

In the following, we will tell you what the most common mistakes leaders make within their company, according to Daniel Suero Alonso. He does not want you to fail in your role as the spearhead of your team, so he gives you these recommendations.

Common Leadership Mistakes 

Slowness in Decision Making

Being quick when deciding something is not synonymous with being rushed. A leader must have a prudent time to make decisions for the good of the company and his team, but when unforeseen events or problems arise, the reaction must be faster.

Even in contingencies, the leader cannot take too long, as it may cause the problem to get out of control and multiply. If they take too long, they might end up dealing with 20 problems instead of solving one.

 Does Not Delegate

It’s clear that a leader should be able to respond in certain work areas, but they cannot fall into the belief that they do it better than everyone else. They should also learn to trust their team. Processes are more efficient when the leader decides to delegate different tasks to other collaborators. This way, they can create more and worry less.

Daniel Suero Alonso mentions that at this point, it is essential that the leader knows how to observe and be confident; they must choose wisely who to entrust a certain task to, and to do this, they must monitor their performance and make a firm decision.

 Becomes Inaccessible

This mistake is one of the most common ones. A leader is not just the boss who assigns tasks and is there to monitor their completion; they must also be attentive to the concerns or problems that the team members may have.

A poor leader does not intend to support their team; they are only there to ensure personal or company goals are met. A good leader will always provide, as far as possible, their time and attention so that others feel valued and supported.

We hope that with these tips from Daniel Suero Alonso, you can become the leader you aspire to be. Remember, it’s not bad to fail; the negative aspect is always stumbling over the same stone.


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