How To Keep Scooter Riders Safe When Driving

Scooters are an environmentally-friendly and fun alternative transport method that helps maintain physical fitness. They however, have higher chances of injuring the riders.

There are numerous tips that riders can implement to increase safety, but you must also be careful when driving not to hit them or confuse them and cause an accident.

Mastering the following tips will help you remain safe and avoid the extra charges of hiring a Denver scooter accident lawyer if you are at fault.

Be aware of your surroundings

Whether you are driving along a road where scooting is popular or there are barely any riders, always be aware of what is happening around your car.

That helps you avoid sudden maneuvers or distractions, reducing your risk of colliding with scooter riders, mainly because you need to know their experience level.

This is especially important in states with no regulations for scooter riders. Depending on where you are, scooters can be on sidewalks, local roads, or the freeway.

Understand and adhere to local laws

Look for and review specific traffic rules and regulations about scooters and riders in your neighborhood. That will help you understand designated scooter lanes, speed limits, and other regulations that will make you more responsible on the road.

Use turn signals

Always use your turn signals in every turn, no matter how small or when overtaking. Signaling early offers scooter riders and motorists clarity to anticipate your actions and understand how they should move.

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Check your blind spots

Scooters are among the least noticeable road users because of their size, so you should always double-check to determine their presence. This is especially important if you drive a massive car with many blind spots.

Always check your mirrors before any maneuvers and ensure they are positioned such that you have the least blind spots.

Have a safe following distance

If you have scooter riders in front of you, always maintain a safe following distance for everybody’s safety. Always leave more space that you consider necessary to give you enough reaction time in case the scooter rider makes sudden stops or swerves.

Be patient

While scooters can be as fast as vehicles, they have challenges maneuvering tight spaces. That can be frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry, but you should be patient and let the riders take their time. Rushing them or trying to overtake them could harm them and damage your car.

Be careful opening your car doors

Being aware of your surroundings is not only essential when driving. When you stop and want to pen the doors, ensure no scooter riders are coming your way. It would help if you warned your passengers to do the same to keep riders using the sidewalks safe.


Scooting is fun and environmentally friendly, but one of the riskiest transportation means. Their small size makes them invisible and exposes them to a lot of danger, which is why you should always be careful and fully alert when driving.

Being reckless could see you cause a collision within seconds, requiring you to contact a Denver scooter accident lawyer to negotiate your settlements. 

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