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Angular Js is a influential development  framework based on JavaScript. It is an open source front-end web development  framework maintained by Google and many of the other relevant developer communities to seek the advancement and sort out the bugs to make it a very reliable platform to develop single page applications for programmers  development in all over the world.

It uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture so as to simplify the process of development and testing of the single page applications developed. This is a major reason that makes it has an upper hand in comparison to other similar technological developments.

If you have done the Angular Js course, you will know that the programming of Angular Js is basically done in HTML. The process here is very simple as the custom tags are used to mark the start and end point of the Angular Js code. The framework of Angular Js decodes the whole code and then interprets the input or output directives with the help default JavaScript variables. It also facilitates the manual passing of value to JavaScript variables by providing the code itself or referred from other dynamic resources.

Angular Js was designed to provide emphasis on the declarative style of programming where the flow or control of the program is hidden while the logical representation is right on point. Also with the help of features like data binding and dependency injection (creating dependency on other objects provided), the developers can save up a lot of their time and unnecessary Coding that they otherwise need to do. The two-way binding of models and views provides and an upper hand in the Angular Js framework making it more compatible and reliable.

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1>     Structured approach: Unlike any other of its sibling frameworks and developments, the Angular Js has a very systematic and highly civilized approach to do the Coding, which results in good code readability and understanding.

2>     Use of templates: JavaScript by default comes with a lot of templates in the library that can be readily used thus resulting in code reusability.

3>     Two-way binding: Angular Js provides a better approach to connecting models and views with help of MVC (Model view Controller) embedded in HTML.

4>     Good Connectivity: Programming SPA (Single paged Application) is a butter smooth process in Angular Js and due to this aspect; it provides appropriate connectivity with other resources.

5>     Compatibility: Angular Js runs on various platforms and devices, saving most of the time and resources which they would’ve spent doing the code manipulation for other platforms.

6>     Testing: Angular Js inherits test driven development approach, which results in testing code first then implementing. From UI behavior to business logic, anything and everything could be tried and tested before implementation, saving a lot of time and helping the developer to experiment with the approach.


While Angular Js is one the most revolutionary frameworks that we see in the modern day, it is also one of the most preferred single paged application. While there are other options available, nothing could offer you the ease of development that you have while using the Angular Js.

Considering all of these benefits, you should consider taking the Angular Js training in Boston to become an expert.

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