Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2018

The world of technology is changing at breakneck speed and even the biggest tech enthusiasts are struggling to keep up. Tech companies are competing against each other for having more control over our daily lives and the hottest trend for 2018 will be IoT (The Internet Of Things). Expect to see the headlines full of new about cryptocurrencies which are changing the faces of the financial sectors and bringing in a new money era.


The internet of things (IoT) is something you may have heard mentioned over the last couple of years but in 2018 it will be the main focal point. Technology has progressed to such an extent that almost any product can be controlled via an app. Soon we are going to be relying on the internet to organize our daily lives and be connected to the web 24/7.

One of the main dangers about IoT is that everyday devices could be susceptible to being hacked. Thanks to the Blockchain new tech in 2018 will be able to offer the same type of security making the data secure.


Bitcoin and the words boom along with bubble were splashed across the headlines worldwide in 2017. Crypto is the best performing asset of any class so expect to see the boom turn hyper in 2018 with lots of new cryptocurrencies such as Eos and fun fair launch. We are seeing the biggest change in the financial industry in over 100 years and the Blockchain will replace the existing model.

The Blockchain will not just transform the financial sector but it will also kill off millions of jobs around the world. Its system allows for computer programs to automate processes providing 100% accuracy on an unhackable platform. That means that countless administration jobs will be lost as they will no longer be required to carry out processes and checks.

Augmented Reality (AR)

All of the world’s top tech companies including Facebook, Google and Microsoft are developing AR systems. The current leader in this field is a company called Magic Leap and you can view their demos on YouTube. For the first time, the digital world will overlap reality and when the two collide there is no knowing what will happen. It is both an exciting time but also scary as technology is getting to the point of being able to create an environment better than reality and when that happens it could spell danger for the human race.


Technology is quickly changing and no doubt going to completely transform over the next few years, 2018 is the start of the evolution. As we get more and more digitally connected it will transform society but no one knows for certain if that is a go or bad thing? With the disruptive effects of technology such as the Blockchain, there are going to be major changes ahead. Robotics and computer automation are dramatically improving which means there are going to be fewer jobs in the future. Hopefully, a cryptocurrency will be released that will give every human a basic living wage as if a solution is not found we will be at a risk of war.

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