The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review

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Currently, this film is out in the cinemas and a lot of buzzes is forthcoming about how was the propaganda film. Anupam Kher’s The Accidental Prime Minister is created for a specific purpose, to make the former prime minister look like a weak and spineless man. Rather showcase the former prime minister as a puppet whose strings were controlled by the great Family. Paytm movies coupons will give you additional cash back on your bookings.

You are aware that this film has been created from the point of view of the author of the book The Accidental Prime minister (the same name as the movie). You should be ready for a very personal slice of his life, not controlled by himself though. This film also showcases the nature of Dr. Manmohan Singh, a personally honorable and incorruptible man who overlooked the corruption taking place in his party. During his tenure as the Prime minister of India, he became paralyzed mentally because of the far-reaching influence of The Gandhi family. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul, and Priyanka are showcased as the people who were indirectly running India. Every decision was manipulated and the former Prime Minister had to go on the wrong lane every time.

Even the newbies in the political market are aware of this narrative and do not have any breaking headlines because of the bleak development during the two full Lok Sabha tenure without any conviction.

It is really surprising to how bad and shoddy this movie is. Throughout the film, there is a complete absence of craft and art, which we expect from a high profile movie like this. Both the lead roles taken by Kher as Prime Minister and the media advisor Baru by Khanna has done no good. They have come off as caricatures. Anupam Kher literally minces throughout the running time, his voice so thin, reedy and shaky. On top of it, the body language seemed to be so nervous and unconfident. After watching this film you will no longer believe that all the ken the prime minister pursues has just gone to the vane for full two Lok Sabha tenures. You can surely calculate the kind of control Manmohan Singh had over his cabinet and the country.

The film talks about the troubled relations of the former prime minister with his ministers and also his cautious equation with Sonia Gandhi and how he handled the big crisis the country faced including the management of the Left and pushing through the nuclear deal. The film was not capable enough to show the full insight, acute and packed with political anecdotes as described in the book the film is based upon. The least we can say is it definitely did aware of the political situations and it was handled under the Congress Government back in the years. The film has achieved to channel the knowledge to the common man of India and has triggered a plethora of other issues our country face due to improper governance.

The performance of Kher as Prime Minister progressively grows on you and gradually evokes empathy for his character. The film basically revolves around Sanjaya Baru played by Akshaye Khanna. He makes sure that there is never a dull moment in this political drama brought to life. Often Khanna directly talks to the camera and accomplished to strike a chord with the audience.  The other major cast is Suzanne Bernert, a German actress who plays the role of Sonia Gandhi very seriously. The other actors depicting Rahul and Priyanka, don’t have much to contribute. Divya Seth Shah as the first lady Gurusharan Kaur is pretty impressive with her understated performance.

The execution of this film is straight cut documentary. The film is carried out smoothly without any major tension or twist building on the screenplay. There are no songs in this film but the background rumble score adds a punch to the political drama.

The crucial nuclear deal is shown in detail, other scams like 2G, 3G, the 26/11 terror attacks have only booked cursory mentions during the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government’s 10-year long term. The other scams should have a bit more detail in the 130 minutes film put up by Vijay Gutte.

Also, the impact of Manmohan Singh’s actions on the junta is really never shown beyond the four walls debate and a few newspaper headlines. At times the film seems to be lazy at execution and really needed something more. The editing is a tad bit sketchy. The major lacking of the Accidental Prime Minister is the finesses, it literally makes up in being totally in your face.

Another podium the film has achieved is for bravery. The bravery in showing up real names, characters in the light they are perceived in. It also reveals some major issues of lack of corporate and moral ethics by Baru’s character, who illegally uses his distinct position to unravel confidential information and soon loses the trust of the Prime Minister. It is definitely one of the political Drama that is intense, complex, dark and hard-hitting. We wish to see such truths hereafter. You can book your tickets from Paytm and get additional cashback using Paytm Coupons.

Now talking of critics the film is reviewed 3.5/5 stars with an IMBD rating of 6.6. Some of the newspaper like the Time of India has rated the film 3.9/5 stars. Overall the film has come up with a truth which must be conveyed to the fellow countrymen. It is definitely a one time watch and has a joyous time counting on the facts. The film was able to build respect and honor for Dr. Manmohan Singh who is one the greatest economist in the world. The viewers of this political drama have rated the movie with open hearts and reviewed it as a must watch. The film has earned over Rs. 11.9 crores on its opening weekend. The market overseas has crossed earnings over $3000 from Australia and New Zealand and further counting. The film is currently facing utmost competition with starrer Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam’s Uri which is also breaking the boxes.

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