Another Year, Another Virus. Click Here For 7 Cyber Security Trends To Watch Out For in 2019.

Another Year, Another Virus. Click Here For 7 Cyber Security Trends To Watch Out For in 2019.
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Have you heard of stories of companies losing clients and money because of cyber attacks? Are you a private individual who relies on the internet to conduct personal transactions?

Cybercriminals and hackers have stepped up their game in recent years. As cyber security trends sprout every year, so do the security measures intensify.

And so do the efforts of cybercriminals.

On the business side, industries like banking, aviation, and telecommunications became victims of hackers.

On a more personal level, cybercriminals also breached social media giant Facebook. Hackers obtained sensitive data from their victims. Examples of data include contact details, locations, and recent searches of Facebook users.

All in all, it cost Facebook $29 million in losses.

Let’s take a look at seven trends in cyber security that you need to be aware of this year.

Cyber Security Trends: The Big 7

The world of the internet and cyber security is no stranger when it comes to trends. As a consumer, you need to keep in pace by understanding how these trends can affect the way you conduct your affairs. Let’s try to break down each one of them below:

1. Automation to Gain More Traction

This year, you can expect to see more industries open up to cybersecurity automation. This is an expected development considering the growth of various networks.

Security information companies are starting to incorporate automation in their cybersecurity platforms. Note, though, that not all industries will embrace automation immediately.

Despite this, automation will gain more traction this year. It will likely become one of those cybersecurity future trends that will become a norm.

2. Increase in Regulation

Hackers continue to target companies. Thus, we can expect regulation and compliance initiatives to increase. Data breaches will continue to happen this year. This will push industries to level up their cybersecurity measures.

Interestingly, a study revealed the average cost of a data breach increased to $3.86 million globally in 2018. In the United States the number double to over $7 million. Thankfully, there are reliable cybersecurity companies like Charlotte IT Solutions that offer protection against data breaches.

There are also cybersecurity regulations that are already in place. Businesses need to make sure they are aware of them.

3. The Rise of Machine Learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are playing bigger roles in different industries. The same thing also applies to the world of cybersecurity.

A study predicted that the number of cybersecurity professionals will decrease in the coming years. Moreover, another study revealed that only a small number of millennials will take cybersecurity as their career path.

To address this concern, we can expect to see imprints of AI and machine learning in cybersecurity technology and initiatives. This will result in more companies spending for subscriptions for these cybersecurity options.

4. More Determined Rogue-nation States

With an increase in regulation, we can also expect evildoers to level up their game. Rogue-nation states will be more active in their sabotage and espionage-related endeavors.

Let’s face it, the level of response against these types of high-level cyber-crimes still fall short. These criminals are adept with the latest developments in the cyber world.

As these people become more creative and aggressive, we will likely hear high-level hacking as one of the top cybersecurity news this year.

5. More Cases of Crypto-Jacking

Credit card-hacking is one of the most common ways cybercriminals attack the common consumer. This year, however, we can expect to see more cyber thieves shifting their focus on cryptocurrencies.

This means hackers will pull off more crypto-jacking attempts to steal virtual coins. Thankfully, the cryptocurrency market is slowly responding to this threat. We will likely see more mining detectors put in place.

These detectors help identify malicious software used by cybercriminals.

6. More into the Cloud

More industries will invest in cloud-specific products. We will see different companies offering cloud-based solutions. This will encourage people to move their data and workloads in the cloud for better mobility.

Interestingly, there will be an increase in the number of cloud users. These users will doubt the level of security they are getting. As the number of data deployed increases, so does the number of unsecured data goes up.

7. Password Theft will Continue

Lastly, password theft will continue to happen this year. This is because companies continue to opt for single-factor passwords. This method is already antiquated, considering the knowledge of hackers.

The key is for companies to invest in security solutions involving multi-factor authentication. Generally, these things do not cost that much.

Simple Tips Against Cybercrimes

You already know some of the top cybersecurity trends for the year. Your next step is to equip yourself with knowledge against cyber attacks. Here are some simple but useful tips you should consider:

1. Secure Your Browser

Regardless if it’s Chrome, Edge, or Firefox that you are using, you need to secure your browser. There may be hackers who are spying and tracking your online activity. Drive them away by turning off those third-party cookies.

Always use private browsing as it deletes your browsing history and cookies. These things are the online footprints that you leave. These are also what cybercriminals use to hack your account.

2. Choose Your Software

If you are looking to install new software, make sure it comes from a trusted source. Find out where the software comes from and do a background check on the developer. This applies to software you install on your laptop, as well as your mobile phone.

3. Go for Virus-Free

Lastly, make sure that your laptop is virus-free. Regularly run an anti-virus program on your laptop or PC. Don’t scrimp on these programs, as hackers can easily obtain your data through virus or malware.

Go Beyond the Trends

You already know some of the top cyber security trends for 2019. The key lies in using the knowledge to your advantage.

If you wish to learn more about tech-related information for your business, feel free to check out our other articles. We tackle different subjects from e-commerce to building new apps your business could utilize to drive conversions and profits.

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