Mice Band Heaters vs Cartridge Heaters

Mice Band Heaters

There are various types of heaters, including band heaters and cartridge heaters. Band heaters are made by many manufacturers but one major brand of band heater is BANG Band Heaters . They supply the medical industry with quality products at low prices.

On the other hand require some assembly by the company who is going to use them. They are made of various materials depending on the application it is used for, such as mica or graphite.

Choosing between a band heater vs. cartridge heater really depends on the type of application and budget of your company. Band heaters can be assembled quickly with little cost whereas cartridge heaters need some additional assembly by the company who is going to use them. Band heaters are available in various wattages whereas cartridge heaters are available in less power options.

Price-wise, band heaters are cheaper than cartridge heaters because they require less work especially if you’re looking for low wattage cartridges since most companies do not carry high wattage cartridges.

Here are the major differences between Mica Band Heaters and Cartridge Heaters:

– Band heaters are not as expensive as cartridge heaters.

– Band heaters require little additional labor to install, while cartridge heaters require assembly.

– Band heaters provide more variety of wattages available to purchase, compared with the limited size options for cartridge heaters.

– Band heater manufacturers include BANG Medical , among others.

– Cartridge heaters are made out of materials such as mica or graphite.

Benefits of Mica Band Heaters:

– Economical

– Easy to use

– Provide consistent heating profiles

– Reliable and consistent product/company


– Economical for higher wattage cartridges.

Disadvantages of Mica Band Heaters:

– High profile may cause skin burns or deep tissue damage if not installed properly

– Not made for low wattage applications (less than 200W)


– Requires assembly by the end user

– Higher profile can cause tissue damage or burns if not used correctly.

Industries That Use Band Heaters:






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