5 More Countries Marijuana Tourists Might Not Know About

If you are an experienced traveler with weed-smoking-friendly trips, it is more likely that you know well about the top countries for your cannabis-driven adventures. Netherlands, Jamaica, the USA, and Canada are going to be among the most popular destinations nowadays for this purpose. Nevertheless, the list of marijuana-friendly countries can be enlarged with a range of dark horses like Belize or Argentina.

It is important not to confuse medical cannabis you can order online on trusted platforms like Cannrank with marijuana tourism for fun. Trips for weed smokers should be planned beforehand. You need to explore all the opportunities and rules not to violate them. Remember that each country can obtain its own legal background with the violation-fine ratios.

5 Unknown Destinations for Marijuana Trips

It is worth noting that not only the most popular places can bring great pleasure to marijuana lovers. Weed smokers can find exciting adventures in countries that have not hit the list of top ones for cannabis-driven trips. For example, you can count on similar traveling far from the USA, Canada, Netherlands, and other famous destinations with high-level friendliness to cannabis.

1 – Belize

First, this country was notable for the small amount of weed allowed to use and possess personally. Now, 5 grams of allowed weed is doubled. Local authorities make the maximum allowed amount bigger – 10 grams or less. It is enough to have fun but not to sell marijuana or distribute it abroad.

Note that Belize does not obtain any weed-smoking-friendly public places. It means that you can use any cannabis substances like vaping liquids, tobacco, licking strips, and other products individually but far from public spaces.

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2 – Argentina

One of those countries that decided to legalize cannabis long ago. In 2007, marijuana became legal in Argentina. That is why trips for weed smokers turn out to be more and more popular. It is not surprising but the capital of marijuana friendliness is Buenos Aires – the center of Argentina tourism ever. Here, there is a list of several popular smoke-friendly public spaces for tourists to take into account:

  • Konex;

  • Cannabis Club;

  • Buenos Weed, etc.

3 – Ecuador

Some people still consider Ecuador a cannabis-unfriendly country. Nevertheless, it is suitable for marijuana tourism. But be sure that you meet all the rules of Ecuador and its local authorities. For example, it is necessary to keep only 10 grams of weed or even less not to be imprisoned here. All the rules are the same for travelers and locals.

One of the most famous public places in Ecuador is the smoking-friendly club Greenie. Here, you can make friends with other weed lovers and have a great time while relaxing, vaping, talking, smoking, etc. The best location for tourists here is Quito.

4 – Peru

One more exotic country that can be confused with a cannabis-unfriendly one. But Lima in Peru welcomes everyone who is interested in marijuana tourism. Besides medical background allowing for marijuana sold to patients worldwide, you can buy and use the drug just for fun here. Visit famous places in Lima called Pizza Street or Paracas.

But do not handle more than 8 grams of weed in Peru. It is better to keep less and not to get from 8 up to 15 years of imprisonment. The most serious criminal cases punished by local authorities are drug trafficking and the dealership of marijuana abroad through the darknet.

5 – Belgium

This country is not very friendly for marijuana tourism if you get used to handling a large amount of cannabis at once. It is better to purchase only 1-2 doses for your great time while smoking or vaping. Imprisonment or misconduct can take place when local people or Belgian guests possess more than 3 grams of marijuana.

The capital of marijuana tourism here is Brussel. Explore all the social clubs and weed-smoking pubs in Brussel to have fun. Some tourists compare Belgium with Finland and Netherlands where there are many similar public spaces for cannabis lovers.

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