Ever since the internet came into existence, the humankind seems to have transitioned from physical reality to virtual reality. It has been more than 2 decades since the internet has been around and till now, it has wrapped its web around the entire globe and has become a basic utility for its users who are dependent on it whether they have to communicate with someone, have to search for something, do shopping, do jobs, do business or trades. But there are many times that we get trapped in scams on the web too.  

While the internet has become a convenience, it has also become the primary source of inconvenience for its users, as the number of online swindles as compared to other swindles is high. There’s a really high number of people who end up falling prey to different sorts of online investment scams and some of the swindles have become so common that people do not even pay any attention towards them although there are many attempts made on them.


Just as the saying goes that “Every light as its shadow”, same is the case with internet where cybercriminals have devised countless ways of luring people into sharing their personal, private and financial information. Few of the most common swindles types are: 


This is a rather thoughtless but a bit compelling kind of fraud where the swindlers send emails to the random recipients in bulk claiming to be Government Officials in Nigeria. These officials request for the recipients to help them move money from Nigerian bank account to US accounts with promise to give them big monetary rewards and in order to accomplish this, they ask the recipient to make an advance-fee in order for the transaction to commence.

While most of the recipients catch this fraudulent act right away, still there are people who get compelled with such a large monetary reward claim and end up paying the amount that they are asked to. Soon, these recipients come to realize that they only made a bad trade at the end of the day.


With the current pandemic at hand, many people have lost their jobs and as this pandemic continues to plague the entire world, it seems almost impossible for people to find themselves an employment or job opportunity any time soon. Although, this situation poses a negative impact on the world’s economy, it is proving extremely beneficial for cybercriminals as they make complete use of people’s vulnerability given the current circumstances and send them emails with claims to provide them with home-based jobs with high pay rates.

Once the recipients access the links provided in the work-at-home email, they are then transferred to a website, where they are required to make a fee in order to cement their position for the imaginary advertised job.


At times, people may end up receiving fraudulent emails that tend to take most of the users by surprise, which results in them doing what the cybercriminals want them to do. In this particular case, the cybercriminals send a crafted email to recipients, claiming to be a known subscription website such as Amazon, Netflix etc. and informing them that their subscription has been cancelled due to non-payment or for account being locked due to lack of usage along with a link they would require to make the payment.

However, when the link is clicked, people are taken to a portal, which is used to extract credit/debit card details of recipients once they make a payment for an issue that was never there to begin with.


The reason why people end up falling for such common swindles is because of their financial situation as well as desperation for putting food on their table. On top of this, people tend to develop blind faith for things that sound too good to be true and as a result, tend to deprive people of their hard-earned savings.


When these cybercriminals take off with people’s money that is when they realize they have been scammed. This is where people stop thinking rationally and end up making decisions with haste by acquiring services through a wealth recovery firm without doing any investigation or checking its reputation. This is a pure example of people making decisions in desperation.

Soon, these people realize that the decision they made was emotional and unmeasured as these firms make false claims of getting their entire money back from the culprits, making them pay even more money in the form of their service (fee) and then running away with it.


The ugly truth for every person who has fallen victim to such scams is that it is their fault in the first place that they got scammed. Because if one is to invest their money through the online channel, they must do all the necessary checks against the firm or entity they are going to invest through before entrusting them with their money. However, people simply ignore this risk and give away their money to such firms only to be swindled by these imposters.

The main reason why people do not do their homework before investing through these firms is because, at present, almost every person is in the state of discontent due to the ongoing pandemic and is worried about their careers. This is why people are eager to find new and quicker ways of making money, which seems to be leading them towards such fraudsters.


At present, it is almost impossible to recover the money lost to these fraudsters. It is because these swindles are being run by cybercriminals, who are programmers and hackers, operating under fake IPs and locations making it extremely difficult to track them down and bring them to justice. So, the only thing that people after being scammed can do is raise their voice through online platforms and internet communities so the people, who are also planning to invest online are warned and advised to investigate before investing. 

While the hope of retrieving money to a scam is almost impossible, money-back is an online firm that is made up of a team of experienced psychologists and expert lawyers, who are dedicated to help people retrieve their lost money from such fraudsters at really low and negotiable prices. 

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